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Marvin often thought that if Yang Xin didn't have so many things to do he might really marry Li Qin and if he married Li Qin he would have a good life right But man is not as good as God Sun Rong is ill It's a terminal illness According to reason Sun Rong and Marvin have nothing to do but things in the world are so strange this is probably the so-called butterfly effect right A butterfly in China vibrated its wings and the waves in the Caribbean Sea were turbulent thousands of miles away The inevitability of the two is almost negligible but it exists Li Yi went to the hospital to see Sun Rong They looked at each other in silence and wept at each other Sun Rong has only one beam impact tubes request don't let Li Li know Li Yi agreed and told Li Li that her mother had gone abroad and that she would live with her father for a period of time Li Yi and Li Li return to the house where he and Sun Rong used to live together Li Yi and Yang Xin divorced a year later It's a very very peaceful divorce Li Yi said that he was a very small coal ball and his heat was only enough to heat Li Li's pot of water A year later Marvin and Li Qin went to get their marriage certificate step by step During this period they experienced numerous times of abuse accusations tears forbearance forgiveness breakup and reconciliation Some made them close some made them distant but in the end Li Qin gave an ultimatum which was to give her a gift on her birthday marriage Marvin parked the car but Li Qin did not move Marvin didn't move either Along the way they had a big fight about Li Yi and Yang Xin's divorce Both of them had the same face solemn and solemn as if they were going to attend a funeral rather than a wedding The car had stalled and was parked in the parking space but neither of them got out It's like playing a game to see who can't carry it and get off first Finally Li Qin lost her cool She took off her sunglasses and said to Marvin "Do I have to invite you in" Marvin was silent Li Qin softened down and said to Marvin "What I said just now is too serious" Marvin did not buy it angry "I really do not like your brother!"! Is there a husband like him Whoever marries him will have bad luck How does Yang Xin treat him He divorced and had nothing Did Yang Xin dislike him Yang Xin is older than him but your brother is not a minor right He's 14 No judgment Don't understand love Confused You don't know how hard Yang Xin's work is cold drawn tubes riding a bicycle every day to take clients to see the house and when he comes back he has to cook for him serve him to eat and drink He always loses his temper and ignores others for several days Is that called living If you don't want to be nice to a woman why do you marry her Oh what's this called After half of it he said he couldn't take care of it so he threw Yang Xin halfway! Li Qin waited for Marvin to say enough and said half jokingly "There are two ways to live One is to be willing to fight and suffer and the other is to respect each other What are you so excited about" "Am I excited" "You're not excited You're calm I'm excited" As he spoke Li Qin went to Marvin's ear and whispered to him "Would you like me to fight with you or respect each other" Marvin sighed and said "Yang Xin just doesn't know what you're doing" "How do you know she won't" "We've been married for eleven years" "She's not with you!" Marvin laughed at himself and got out of the car Marvin stood under the car and looked at Li Qin who was still sitting in the car and looking at Marvin Marvin had to go around to Li Qin and pull the car door for Li Qin But Li Qin closed the open car door and said to Marvin "Marvin do you remember what I said to side impact beams you before" Marvin said "How can I remember all the things you said" "I said I would never force you to marry me" said Li Qin Marvin said "Yes" Li Qin said "Look at you you are not happy at all" It doesn't seem to be getting married it's going to a funeral "That's the way I am" Marvin said Not surprised by spoils and humiliations Li Qin smiled and said "I have done a lot of wrong things in my life" One of them is not to fight for it when it should be fought for I'm far from Yang Xin at this point "Let's not talk about her" Marvin said "I'm not talking about her I'm talking about myself" said Li Qin I'm the kind of woman who doesn't like to argue with others Otherwise I wouldn't have divorced Wang Dafei At that time I thought I was very noble and holy but now in retrospect I feel very silly If you love a man why don't you get it back bravely What's the shame in that Marvin looked at Li Qin with a confused look on his face and said "What are you going to say" Li Qin said "I want to say that I am still such a woman so far I do not like to rob a love with others" Marvin was silent His cell phone was shaking and he knew it was Yang Xin Li Qin glanced at him meaningfully and said "Do you have a phone" 。

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