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A trace of anger passed over the faces of thousands of people on board and then the embarrassed look flashed again The seven divine officials were all clear-minded people and when they saw that the people on the thousand machines looked different they already understood that there was something else Say with nine Xiu to Da Luo Tian to the realm of the master to capture and kill the three saints of the East China Sea After three days and three nights of tossing and turning he only got one death and two escapes This kind of result ah! It's really a shame No wonder the people on board are in a bad mood Yushu Shenguan piled up an unusually cordial smile and said "This time it's really hard for the Venerable Master" "The Jade God is polite!" The faces of the thousands of people on board softened a little Then dare I ask plastic pallet manufacturer the Venerable Master when the rest of the two thieves fled into the divine world has the Venerable Master ever seen the gateway to the divine world of Heaven "Yes!" Qianji Shangren said "Just after the release of the holy soldiers of the Buddha in the East China Sea the two evil saints saw that the situation was not good and they were surrounded by us so they had to cast a spell to open the door and escape into the divine world" At the entrance of the divine world there seemed to be a large number of gods on duty We wanted to chase into the divine world and find out what was going on but we were blocked by the public "As soon as the Venerable Master Qianji said this the Jade Pivot God Officer couldn't wait to ask" Does the Venerable Master still remember the location of the entrance of the divine world " A thousand people on board looked at Yu Shu with displeasure They didn't want to answer but when they saw that the seven gods were all looking forward to it they could only bear their anger and answered "Yu Shu didn't you see that only six of us came back" There are three Taoist friends who are watching near the entrance of the divine world Are you satisfied with our arrangement The taste in these words was very unfriendly and when Yushu Shenguan heard this he could not help but be slightly ashamed of his old face Eh! Venerable Master you don't know that this officer is so eager because he can't find out the origin of Tianzheng Unable to crack the secret of the source if you want to eradicate the rebellion of heaven you have to find the door of the divine world! After several explanations it was only then that the mood of the people on the Qianji came down smoothly Knowing that they had found a gateway to the divine world the seven gods were no longer as helpless and depressed as before As long as there is a door even if the God of Heaven closes it the immortals will open it by force This portal for the seven divine officials is the gateway to the Supreme Throne in the realm of heavenly practice Haha thanks to the three saints of the East China Sea! Of course it was the Venerable Master and the Great Immortals who killed the Buddha deterred the two evil saints and chased them so that they had nowhere to escape that they left this flaw The Lord of the Thunder Capital was quite excited He said smoothly and asked "I don't know which Great Immortal killed the Buddha Saint in the East China Sea" After he asked he looked at the six immortals with a big smile on his face He wanted to praise them when someone took the credit so that both sides could have a face and resolve the awkward atmosphere just now Who knows the six immortals did not speak and the people on the plane pretended not to hear and their eyes did not know where to go The bright smile on the face of the Lord of the Thunder Capital was inevitably stiff and barely restored He laughed twice and said "So it's the credit of the three immortals hehe hehe plastic pallet bin " Just as he was giggling Master Qianji suddenly said "I didn't kill the Buddha Saint in the East China Sea The Buddha Saint fled halfway I don't know why he suddenly solved the problem by himself" "Ah!"! Did the Buddha commit suicide! When the seven gods heard this they all had an incredible expression When it is difficult for the practitioners in the lower world to achieve the great way it is possible for them to solve the problem by themselves and reincarnate to rebuild it However the Buddha in the East China Sea has already reached the realm of Daluo Heaven and the ascetics in such a realm are only one step away from the great freedom and freedom Although being chased by people but that that is not to take things too hard to commit suicide! "Well why bother" Why bother ” The Extraordinary Way of the Final Volume Chapter 14 [The Birth of a Treasure] "You how can you take things so hard all of a sudden"! We're on the run Why do you want to fight on your own Somewhere in the divine world of Tianzheng Donghai Daosheng is facing The holy ghost of the Buddha who is captured from the underworld by his own magic and incantation I'm so angry He and the evil saint two people how also want to understand see the early decoy plan is about to be successfully completed the three of them deliberately fled in the starry sky for three days is preparing to pretend to have no way out forced to open the God door to return to the God world Who would have thought that at the last pass the Buddha suddenly offered a brilliant light and cut off his body at the waist in a circle Say this kind of suicide means it is typical self-soldier solution In this way the false came true Seeing this the two sages were blindfolded and chased by the nine immortals In a hurry they had to flee into the divine world to stabilize their minds Escaping into the divine world left a passage for the celestial immortals to go to the divine world which was originally a step in a series of killings The Buddha's self-abnegation also made the play full of performance It can be said that the gold content is extremely high and there is no false If you think about plastic pallet supplier it as soon as the Buddha died the frightened and flustered expression of the two demons was naturally very lifelike and escaping into the divine world would naturally not arouse suspicion Sure enough in addition to being puzzled by the sudden military solution of the Buddha the seven divine officials of the heavenly realm also believed that the gateway to the divine realm had been forced out by the nine immortals Now the celestial immortals are coming to the passage in a mighty way But the death of the Buddha is really too strange He has no reason to be willing to be a soldier in order to increase the role and increase the gold content If we abandon the divine body and primordial spirit that have been cultivated for tens of thousands of years we can only save that wisp of ghosts This is even worse than the loss of power If you want to regain your magical power You have to be reincarnated and start all over again Even if his divinity is still alive I don't know how many years he has to practice Tokai Do-sung thought of the friendship of the three brothers in the past Seeing the Buddha suddenly doing such an absurd act he was naturally anxious and angry Even the five heavenly gods who had come to meet him were too lazy to pay attention to it and after detaining the holy soul of the Buddha they kept pressing him Injustice! I'm wronged! I really didn't mean to The soul of Buddha really wants to cry but unfortunately the soul body doesn't have that function and it can't be squeezed out Brother! You think How can I disarm myself I didn't do it I'm not at the point where I don't want to live The holy soul of the Buddha has suffered great injustice and now it is misunderstood by the gods and it is also somewhat incoherent

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