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What to Do When Youre Locked Out of Your Car Its painful to be locked out of your vehicle But dont panic Several options are available including calling an automakers app service like GMs OnStar or subscribing to a roadside assistance service or leaving keys with family or friends You can also prevent lockouts by developing routines such as checking your pockets prior to leaving the vehicle and locating a designated place for your keys Assess the Situation Examine the situation if you are locked out of your vehicle Examine the weather and time of day to ensure your safety and to make sure there are no other issues You might have a few options based on the situation If you have a spare key consider asking a family or friend member to bring it over for you Alternatively you can use modern key finders that let you track your keys through an app for mobile devices making it easier for you to retrieve keys in the case of an emergency lockout You may need professional help in the event that you dont have an extra car key or when you are unable to ask for assistance Your safety as well as that of any pets or children that are locked in the car is the primary aspect to think about Do not use force or break the door to unlock your car Find a way into the trunk or vehicle You can create gaps by threading a shoestring or inflatable wedge through the lock This will allow you to extend your arm into the gap You may also be able open the trunk of your car with a screwdriver contingent on your vehicle wwwg28carkeyscouk can also contact your roadside assistance company to determine if they provide services for unlocking keys in automobiles They are expensive but they are more effective than using improvised tools or putting yourself in These services are less likely to cause damage to your vehicle Its also important to note that DIY car unlocking could cause physical damage to the car or the security system Its also illegal to modify a car lock without the appropriate credentials and in certain instances it could cause the loss of your warranty The risk of not seeking professional assistance must be considered in relation to the cost Need Help Its not uncommon to get back to your car only to realize that youve locked your keys inside The lack of concentration the inability to remember the keys in your purse or pocket after you leave the car or even the malfunctioning of locks can all contribute to this gruelling situation But instead of panicking you should take a moment to consider your options before deciding on the best plan of action The first step is to check each of the doors in your car If the doors are not locked they can still be opened one by using wire hangers or shoelaces though it will likely take a lot of time and numerous attempts to get these makeshift tools into place Next call for assistance Moody says that roadside assistance services such as AAA can be useful when trying to get out of the car thats locked They are always available and will dispatch a professional as soon as they are able Be aware that it can take up to 30 minutes or longer for someone else to arrive You can also contact an autolocksmith in your area to help you unlock your car if it is locked out A skilled professional can unlock your vehicle without causing damage and can make you an additional key in the event of need Some automakers offer smartphones with apps which can be used to unlock your car when youve lost your keys inside Contact the manufacturer of your car to determine if an app that works with the model you have Its also worth calling towing companies in your region to inquire about their lockout services Some towing firms specialize in towing recovery and recovery but they also have the tools and experience needed to unlock cars Alternately you might be capable of contacting with an individual from your family or friends who has access to your vehicle You can ask them to bring a spare key Some communities have nonprofit organizations or community support services that can assist in situations like the lockout of your car These organizations can be reached for free or at a cost Keep calm If you are locked out of your vehicle the first thing to do is to remain calm Being anxious can cause you to lose your judgement but the stress can cloud your judgement Inhaling deeply and trying to maintain a calm mind will allow you to think clearly and find the best solution for you and your situation After youve regained your sanity you should assess the situation to determine whether there are any feasible ways to get inside your vehicle It is not uncommon for drivers to believe they are locked out of their car only to realize they left the trunk or a window unlocked when they were getting ready to leave Doing a quick lap of the vehicle is an excellent way to check for any of these issues It is the right time to call for assistance after having assessed the situation This is the most responsible and secure option since it ensures that someone with the proper tools will be there soon Many roadside assistance companies have websites or apps that can connect you with locksmiths in your area who are equipped to handle car lockouts efficiently and effectively Be careful not to harm your vehicle when you decide to DIY There are a myriad of hacks and tricks online however they arent safe or effective for modern cars The majority of these tricks and hacks could cause serious damage to the security system of your car So its best to leave them to the professionals After your car lockout issue has been solved It is an ideal time to consider the possibility of taking preventive measures You can prevent future lockouts by keeping a spare key in the possession of an individual in your family or a trusted friend or by utilizing tools like key finders Regular maintenance and routine checks on your vehicle can also decrease the likelihood of finding yourself in a lockout situation Use these suggestions to avoid the frustration of a vehicle locking itself out and then drive away with the knowledge that youve done it in a responsible manner Take Preventive Action You can reduce the risk of locking your keys in your car by following a few simple steps A spare key along with a routine and a technology can assist you in avoiding car lockouts If you own an extra item keep it in a spot that is easily accessible Youll have access to your vehicle in the event that a need arises Before calling for assistance You should check all the trunks and doors to ensure that your keys arent locked inside Also its a good idea to inform a trusted family member of the situation so that they can check up on you while you wait for assistance This is a precautionary measure and could also help you stay calm when waiting for help In a lot of cases people get locked out of their vehicles because they misplace or forget their keys One solution to this problem is to develop an established routine Each time you are about to leave your vehicle and you are about to leave repeat a few words or chant that contains everything you need to take with you If you do this youll be less likely to misplace your keys especially when youre in a hurry or distracted Another reason that causes car lockouts is trying to gain entry into the vehicle without proper tools The coat hanger trick and the shoelace method are both common methods that could damage your car In an emergency situation like if a child or pet are trapped in the vehicle you might require breaking the window In most cases locking yourself out of your vehicle is not an emergency It can be solved with a few easy steps By assessing your surroundings and remaining calm as well as reaching out to professionals like Lithonia Towing you can avoid the stress and frustration that can result from this situation Making preventive steps and having a spare key at your side and utilizing technology to your advantage will help you to deal with a car lockout quickly and efficiently

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