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Wulin Unofficial History Shen Lang said "I can always guess some of the secrets in your heart even if you don't tell them" "Don't speak with too much confidence" said Jin hopelessly "Let me guess" said Shen Lang with a smile Jin hopelessly said coldly "You just guess even if you can guess other things but this thing …" The voice suddenly stopped because the following words were the same whether they were said or not As the carriage moved forward Shen Lang gazed at the dust raised by disc air diffuser the horse's hooves and said slowly "You have never hidden anything from me since you and I met This is the only thing" This matter is so important to you that you don't have to ask "Oh" Said Kim hopelessly Uh Shen Lang answered "Since this matter is so important to you it must also have something to do with the Happy King" Although he seemed to be staring at the flying dust in fact every slight change on Jin Wuwang's face could not escape his eyes At this point Jin Wuwang's face had changed somewhat Shen Lang said at once "So judging from me that poor woman must have something to do with the King of Happiness I'm afraid she's faking her pitiful appearance" At the end of this sentence he stopped talking and his eyes returned to the face of King Hopeless whose lips were tightly closed and looked like a blade His face seemed to be congealed with a layer of ice rock The carriage was moving forward and the cold wind blew on his face You looked at me and I looked at you and each wanted to see into the other's heart Jin hopelessly seemed to guess how much he already knew from the look on Shen Lang's face Shen Lang naturally seemed to want to guess how much he was willing to say from the look on Jin's hopeless face For a long time the carriage moved forward more than a hundred Zhangs Finally the ice rock on Jin Wuwang's surface gradually began to melt Shen Lang's heart had moved but he could barely hold back because he knew that this was the most important key the delicate key between people who wanted to gain the upper hand over each other He knew that if he could not help speaking at the moment Kim would never speak again Kim hopelessly spoke at last He took a long breath and said slowly "Yes that woman is indeed a disciple of the King of Happiness" How could Shen Lang be willing to relax He immediately asked "You are in charge of money under the door of the King of Happiness and you are in the important position When the woman nods she can ask for your money Her position is obviously not inferior to yours Who is she" Could it be that he is also one of the four messengers of wine sex wealth and gas But how could she be a woman His words were like whips and the whipping did not give Jin any chance to breathe and every word he asked went to the heart of the matter Jin had no hope and did not dare to look at him He kept silent for a long time Then he suddenly asked in reply "Do you know what other people there are besides Yunmeng Fairy in terms of the subtlety of transfiguration" Shen Lang hesitated slightly and said slowly "The study of transfiguration is not included in the category of martial arts A person with exquisite transfiguration is not necessarily a famous martial artist" Suddenly he patted his knee and said "Yes are you talking about Shanzuo Situ" Jin hopelessly did not raise his head nor did he speak but he raised his whip and pulled it down heavily fine bubble diffuser However the horse was already old and weak and in any case it was not happy With a gleam of excitement in his eyes Shen Lang said "Shanzuo Situ's family is not only exquisite in transfiguration but also excellent in flying skills hidden weapons incense and even massage In the past their reputation in Jianghu was only slightly inferior to that of Yunmeng Fairy In recent years it has been rumored in Jianghu that although most of Shanzuo Situ's kungfu belongs to Yin damage it has been punished by heaven and died" But a hundred feet of worms dead but not stiff this family must have some descendants living in the world with their reputation and status if thrown into the happy king's door can be included in the four emissaries Kim hopelessly refused to speak Shen Lang murmured "If I were the King of Happiness and if the son of Shanzuo Situ had thrown himself under my door what kind of function should I give to him" His face gradually glowed and he went on to say "Shanzuo Situ doesn't know about wine and there are already people who have money" Think of that Shanzuo Situ must not be a brave person but if you want Shanzuo Situ's children for the Happy King to collect the world's stunning beauty I'm afraid there is no more suitable than him right "I didn't say anything" Jin said coldly "It's all your own guess "Shen Lang's eyes flashed He looked up to the sky and said" If I were the son of Shanzuo Situ and wanted to collect beautiful women from all over the world for the Happy King what should I do How can we achieve our mission He nodded gently and said slowly "First of all I must change my appearance into a woman's body Then I must have much more opportunities to contact women than men" In Jin's hopeless eyes he could not help showing some admiration Shen Lang answered "After I robbed the woman I traveled thousands of miles to send her outside the pass There must be a lot of inconvenience because the beauty must be very eye-catching" Smiling at the corners of his mouth he added "But since I am skilled in the art of transfiguration I can naturally transfigure that beautiful woman into an extremely ugly person and teach others not even to look at her If I am afraid that the woman will struggle I can also make her take some paralyzing drugs so that she can neither meddle nor speak along the way" With a long sigh Jin looked back at the sleeping rapid sand filters child in the open carriage and murmured "If only you were half as clever as Shen Xianggong in the future" The child was tired for days and was still sleeping so naturally he could not hear him His words were not meant for the child His words were like saying "Shen Lang you are so clever You guessed all the secrets correctly" How could Shen Lang not read between the lines "Turn around" he said with a slight smile Jin hopelessly frowned and said "Turn around" Shen Lang said "The two women who followed him just now must be the children of good families How could I bear to see them fall into such a miserable situation" Jin Hopeless suddenly sneered He looked back at the child and said "When you grow up in the future there are still some things you can't learn from Shen Xianggong If you can't bear to be small you will mess up big plans You must also keep this sentence in mind" Shen Lang smiled and stopped talking and the car did not look back

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