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Replacement Nissan Key Fob Nissan smart keys provide an additional layer of protection against theft through radio frequencies and advanced encryption These technologies are powered however by an internal battery that can eventually degrade and require replacement Replacing the battery of a key fob is an easy process Fortunately the trained technicians and parts experts at Boch Nissan are here to assist Battery The key fob is a pretty crucial part of your Nissan it lets you unlock the doors start the engine and use other key functions If it doesnt work you probably want to know what the problem is Fortunately you can easily fix the issue by replacing the battery A brand new CR2032 battery is available at a hardware or discount grocery store at a cheap price Youll also require a tiny screwdriver to pry open the back of your key fob Most models have a small tab or notch that you can slot your screwdriver into to separate the fob in two parts After you have opened the fobs key take out the battery and replace it with a new one Make replace nissan key that the new battery is oriented correctly Based on your Nissan model you might have to verify that the battery is the proper type This information is usually found in the owners manual or on the back of the fob that you use to open the key Once youve gotten the right battery plug it into the fob close the cover back shut and test it to ensure it works If you encounter any issues take a look at the helpful videos on YouTube to find a solution If you need assistance please contact your Nissan dealer in Farmington Hills Programming Modern Nissan vehicles come with keys that provide many benefits and functionality compared to the manual keys of old Unfortunately they can also be more prone to battery problems and require replacement in the course of time Its a quick fix that is done at home The first step is to eliminate the existing battery To do this locate a small hole at the back of your keyfob and pull it downward This will release the stored mechanical key that acts as an emergency starters Youll want to keep it in your wallet and return it once the replacement is completed After taking the old battery record its location and how it was placed You will need to use the flathead screwdriver to take the battery Replace it with the new one making sure that the plus side is facing downwards Reassemble the outer casing and test to make sure that its working properly You should be able to start your vehicle by pressing any button on the fob You can also test the connection by pressing any button in the dashboard of your car Contact the service center at Boch Nissan South If you have questions regarding your Nissan vehicle or need assistance Locks The Nissan Intelligent Key is designed to lock and unlock your car and unlock the trunk with one click If it doesnt work even after a programming and replacement of the battery it is possible that there is a different issue in play In some instances a fob thats damaged might require replacement parts or repairs to the circuit board in order to function properly Water blunt force or scratches on the board can cause damage A professional can examine the Intelligent Key and determine if it is required to be repaired or replaced In some cases the issue could be corrected with a simple inexpensive fix If the issue is more severe it might be necessary to replace the key The process of replacing the battery in your Nissan key fob is a fairly simple procedure that takes just about a couple of minutes This process involves handling delicate and fragile electronic components and therefore it is essential to wear gloves preferably made of latex or an alternative that is not You will also need a flathead screwdriver as well as a brandnew 3V CR2032 battery Start by entering your vehicle and ensuring that the doors are locked Press the unlock button on your keyfob six to ten times Remove the key from the ignition Do not turn the key to start the vehicle You will see the hazard lights flash twice which indicate that your Nissan is in programming mode Keyless Entry We have some good news for you if you think that your key fob does nothing other than unlock and lock your car Certain modern fobs can be used to open your windows and even start your engine when you point your key on the rear bumper In contrast to the traditional key which only has three or two locks the latest systems are built on RFID technology The key fob is fitted with a microchip that has unique frequency This allows it to communicate with the receiver of your car and open the trunk or doors Most models will recognize you as you drive up to the car using your key fob and will automatically unlock the door Some models allow you to move your keys towards the back of the car to open the trunk This can be extremely useful when youre stuffed full of groceries or luggage The key fob features an option that allows you to start your car by pressing it onto the steering wheel This system can also be activated by tapping the clutch or brake button when you press the STARTSTOP switch If youre having trouble getting into your Nissan to do some errands or go out for a night out near Troy the key fob battery may be dead To solve this issue flip the fob over and push the small latch that releases it to the back Youve successfully programmed the replacement nissan fob if you see both the unlock and lock light flashing

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