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How to Get Locked Out of My Car There are a lot of factors that could cause you to be locked out of your vehicle From simple absentmindedness to malfunctioning locks You can minimize the risk of this occurring by keeping an extra car key in the hands of an individual having a roadside service plan and using your smartphone in a newer vehicle Check the door locks It can be a hassle to be trapped in your vehicle It can ruin your entire day or put you at risk especially if it occurs in an unsafe place There are many ways you can avoid this scenario by taking proactive measures This includes having an extra key being aware of your keys at any time and installing an alarm The inspection of your door locks is one of the first things you should do The most effective method for doing this is by using a tool such as a Slim Jim which can be purchased at most hardware stores Make sure you use this tool carefully and make sure you are aware of how to utilize it A wire coat hanger is another option Untwist and shape the hanger into an elongated hook then wrap it around the lock and pull upwards to see if it opens your vehicle This method is best suited for post locks If you have post locks try it If neither of these methods works you may need to call an emergency locksmith or towing service These professionals can help you get into your vehicle without causing damage They will also have the tools required to unlock your vehicle So make sure you have their number on hand Some automakers like GM offer services such as OnStar which can help you in a lockout scenario Other options include contacting a service provider like Hurst Towing which has experts trained to handle such incidents Another thing to keep in mind is that if your locks are constantly sticking or difficult to open it could be an indication of poor quality hardware It is important to choose hardware that has been rated by the BHMA to ensure it is built to last Investing in better quality hardware can help you avoid getting locked out of your car in the future You can also try applying lubrication to the locks to see if that can help Help is available Many people find themselves in the middle of an emergency situation when they realize that theyve locked their keys inside of their car There are a variety of ways to escape this situation Keep calm An emotional reaction that is impulsive can only cause more problems The fastest alternative is to call local towing services Most of these companies specialize in roadside assistance and they usually have someone local who can assist you with your issue You can also hire an towtruck should you require one If you dont have a towing company available call your local police department In the past police officers could unlock cars using a slim Jim however they dont have the equipment nowadays A friend or relative living in the area is another good idea They might be able to come and unlock your car without damaging it or incurring any additional costs It is an excellent idea to keep extra keys in your car to prevent accidental lockouts Its a good idea to store spare keys in a safe location and then leave them with someone you trust who will quickly find them in the event you forget your car keys Newer vehicles may have safety features which permit remote access to your vehicle using the touchscreen or mobile app You should look over the inventory at Longo Toyota to see if the vehicle you are looking for has these capabilities If you are covered by an auto warranty or roadside assistance plan you can call the dealership to unlock your car Depending on the warranty or coverage they might be able to unlock your vehicle for no cost If they arent able to offer assistance they can recommend someone who can Its also worth checking with nonprofit organizations and community support services since they could provide help in these kinds of circumstances at a minimal cost or even for free Check the Sunroof The sunroof has drain pipes which channel condensation or water away from the cabin towards the ground outside of the vehicle If the drain tubes become blocked and the sunroof starts to get filled with water It will then spill over into the vehicles interior and cause stains on the headliner It is essential to inspect the sunroof drainage system on a regular basis It is easiest to pour a tiny amount of water into each drain hole which is visible through the trough surrounding the opening To get rid of any debris you need to carefully poke a wire or similar tool into each tube You can also employ a blower for flushing each of the tubes and get rid of any water or condensation It is also recommended to clean the tracks and slides of your sunroof frequently You can employ a mild detergent as well as a soft cloth to get rid of dust dirt or other debris that has accumulated Its a good idea also to grease slides and tracks using a siliconbased grease This will help them move more smoothly Check the seal regularly on your sunroof as it can deteriorate with time If the seal is cracked or damaged it can allow water and debris to get into the sunroof which can lead to other problems If you hear any noises of popping or scraping coming from the sunroof on your vehicle it is a sign that a problem exists with the motor This needs professional attention Charles from HomeTown Auto Repair Tire came across an old 2012 Toyota RAV4 that had a sunroof not working properly He found that the sunroof had a leak and was flooding the passenger compartment This was caused by an obstructed sunroof drainage tube that was not connected to the track channel If your sunroof isnt perform as it should Try cleaning and lubricating the tracks and slides If G28CarKeys does nothing to resolve the problem you should consult an expert technician who will provide a more thorough analysis and repair Check the Windows There are a variety of things to avoid locking your keys in your car One of the best ways to prevent this is to keep the spare car keys in a spot that you or someone else who is aware of its location can easily access Many modern vehicles have safety features like keyless entry or automated locks Also make sure that you have your cell phone to contact assistance if you lose your keys inside your car Another option is to locate someone in your family who has the tools you require to get back into your car You can use a slim Jim or another tool inflatable bobby pins or shoelaces or doorstops These supplies can be used to open your door in minutes avoiding the hassle of waiting for the fire department or police department If your windows arent operating properly it could be an indicator that the doorlock switch has been reprogrammed or is malfunctioning If the window isnt rolling down or up when you press the switch this is usually because of the lack of lubrication This can easily be fixed If the switch doesnt work Try pressing the button and slamming your door a few more times If not you can try using your fist to smash the door or window frame but make sure that you dont damage your vehicle If none of these suggestions work you can contact for roadside assistance to assist you in getting into your car The majority of roadside assistance services offer a limited number free lockouts every year They also can offer you advice for avoiding being locked out of your car in the future You can also ask for help from an towing or locksmith company They will employ their skills and experience to break into your car however youll be charged for the cost

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