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How to Get Spare Car Keys Its been a long day and youre just looking to get into your comfy sweats and eat pizza while watching your favorite TV show Then you realize your keys are missing The type of vehicle you drive will determine whether or not you can replace your key Simple keys made of steel with a switchblade key or wafer keys are simple to make while more advanced keys require specialized equipment and reprogramming Take a look at your clothes The first place you should look for keys to your car that have been lost is in your clothing particularly in the pockets of any sweaters or jackets you might have worn Youre most likely to find them there particularly when they were juggled around when you were trying to get your car ready Make sure you check all pockets and empty any bags or backpacks youve carried around during the day Your keys could be in there It is also important to check the inside of any hoodies or hats you might have as well as your coat These areas may be a little more difficult to find but they are excellent hiding spots for your keys You might ask an individual from your family or a trusted friend to hold a spare pair of keys for you in case you are having trouble finding them Another excellent way to avoid losing your keys is keeping them in a designated place It is possible to keep your keys in a safe place by hanging a key holder by the front door or placing a bowl of keys on the table Its important to keep in mind that certain cars do not come with an electronic key This can make it more difficult to replace them in the event that they are lost If you have one of these older vehicles its a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere nearby just in case you ever lose yours If you are frequently losing your keys to your car consider purchasing a keychain lock to keep them safe You can also contact your local auto dealer or locksmith to get new keys Youll need to prove that you own the vehicle usually your registration or title but they should be able to do this fairly quickly Its also worth mentioning that many newer automobiles have keyless entry and other safety features that can keep you from locking yourself out of your car Check Your Bag Keys are among the most difficult things to lose particularly when youre carrying it around If youre prone to losing your keys or want to prevent car lockouts in the near future it could be beneficial to get a spare key Fortunately replacing a lost car key isnt as difficult or expensive as it was You must have a designated space to store your spare keys This way youll be able to find them quickly and avoid having to contact a locksmith service Some common places people keep their spare keys are the glove box or under the mat in the trunk or in a hidden compartment Some people store keys that they dont need in their bags or purses Make sure to check the area before calling a locksmith Another way to avoid losing your car keys that you have left behind is to block the signal from the fob while inside the vehicle This will stop thieves from being in a position to relay the signal to others amplify it and take your vehicle If youre not sure how to block the signal its best to ask your local auto dealership or locksmith for help Storing a spare car key is a smart and proactive option that will save your time and money in the event of an lockout But many people arent sure of where to put their keys Here are four places you can hide the spare key to your car Its a great idea keep a spare car key under your vehicle because it is secure and blends into your vehicle This method is ideal for vehicles equipped with hitch receivers but it can also work well for vehicles with a hidden space under the gas tank flap or in the trunk If youre not comfortable placing your spare key in your car you can consider hiding it in your home instead Pick a location that is out of way but unlikely to be found by thieves Some common options for hiding keys at home include hiding it in a magnetic lock box hiding the spare key inside the dogs home or even in a potted plant Look at Your Car A spare car key is a great solution to avoid stress of getting locked out and paying for service at an auto dealership Ideally you should keep your spare key away from your ring or case so that its less likely to be stolen or lost If you do decide to keep an extra key in your car be sure to note the VIN vehicle identification number on paper so that you can get a replacement if needed Look for your usual hiding places first like the pockets of your clothing bags or purses you may have or even under the couch Its also a good idea to retrace your steps since you may have dropped the keys on the ground or knocked them off on your way out the door and then forgot about them Many people keep a spare car key in a designated spot in their car like under the gas tank flap or in the glove box While this may be convenient but it could be a dangerous place to leave an unattended key A professional thief could utilize a relay transmitter to pick up the signal from your key fob which allows them to start your vehicle and then drive off with the key You can call your dealer to have keys cut if you are unable to locate your car keys They will be in a position to identify your specific key based on the VIN and can cut a replacement for you quickly They can program the new key so that it erases the old one so should a burglar discover it they wont be able to drive your vehicle A mobile locksmith for automotive can also come to your home and make a new key for you Theyll need the model and year of your vehicle and proof that you have the vehicle such as the copy of your registration getting a spare key for my car can be more expensive than going through your dealer but its much faster Check out Your Home Theres nothing more stressful than being locked out of your car It can be a huge hassle and cause stress especially if your vehicle is locked out This is why its always a good idea to have a spare set of keys in your car to allow you to return to your car quickly and without hassle While its a good idea to keep your spare keys on you at all times it isnt feasible for the majority of people Thats why having a secure location to store your spare car key is vital Its easier to locate your keys when you need them if you have a secure place where you can keep them It also keeps your keys safe from theft The ideal place to store your spare car keys in your home is to hide them in a secure area You can keep your keys safe and be in a position to have them available whenever you need them by using a key concealer There are a variety of key hiders on the market and theyre available in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs You can also find them on the internet or at your local hardware store You can also put your spare car keys in a clever place under your car You can buy minivaults or magnetic containers to help you place a spare key in your vehicle Make sure you choose an area that isnt easily seen and wont be easily thrown over by pedestrians or even your pet Another option is to give your spare car keys to someone you trust such as a family member The person can keep the spare key for you and then give it to you when you require it This is an excellent option for those going on a trip or traveling away from home Its also a great option for people who have a tendency to lose their car keys as it can prevent them from having to endure the expense and hassle of buying new keys

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