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Although Yang Lizheng did not specifically say this to Yang early summer but Yang early summer still knew she would know or Yang Dongxue little girl told her she said that day she was playing at her grandfather's house All right everyone missed a child and a child who can learn to speak When Yang first heard the news in early summer he was very unhappy but he was soon relieved People are selfish and when it comes to life they are even more selfish This is also human nature and normality So she didn't take it to heart and it plastic pallet suppliers passed And Yang Lizheng said that Yang Dachuan had recently invited an escort which was also true Five or six people were all invited by Chief Hong Originally Mu Shaoling also wanted to help but I didn't expect Yang Dachuan to be faster Originally Yang Dachuan was going to buy it in the tooth shop but the tooth shop in the town was so small that there was no talent like that Liu Ya showed him the way to Hong As soon as Chief Hong heard that it was not difficult he helped Therefore in a short period of more than half a month Yang Dachuan was vigorous and resolute He made up for the servant girls at home and the guards were found The people who needed the shrimp and crab workshop and the fried goods began to learn from the women The Yang family is also gradually back on track except that the people behind the scenes have not been found the people who went to exile have not come back But these days the Yang family is still too dull and there is no smile on the faces of several children He walked and spoke with a certain amount of caution In early summer Yang thought of the idea before to hold a happy event anyway there are still some days before the Chinese New Year So she first went to ask Xiao Li's mother Ming Liu can have a marriage and said the meaning of wealth Xiao Li's mother naturally willing although the daughter-in-law is not but as a grandmother can also make decisions This side is sure and went to ask Tieshu and Xiuer this question only to find that the two people are really already see eye to eye So how can there be any bad Xiuer is no relatives Tieshu that sell oneself is a death contract as the master can directly decide his marriage plus his own willingness then everything is easy to do So when people are still discussing which people who don't have eyes to attract horse thieves and when some businessmen want to take this opportunity to buy drunk crabs and other formulas the Yang family actually started a happy event Everyone thought this Yang family has two sons and two daughters the eldest daughter just held a happy event in summer the eldest son and the second son are less than fifteen the second daughter is still a baby what kind of happy event is this Later I found out that it was a happy event for two servants So a listen some people think that the Yang family is not very rich If you are still free to hold a banquet for the servants it means that you are not short of money If you are not short of money if they come to buy the formula they will not be able to do it If you think about it carefully some of their shops haven't changed hands yet and you haven't heard of selling land If you really have no money you should sell land and sell shops So the people who wanted to take the opportunity to buy drunk crab and shrimp paste and other recipes stopped their drums plastic pallet manufacturer It turned out that the three houses of the Yang family were attacked by horse thieves which could not be concealed All the people in the nearby town knew about it Some businessmen moved their minds and said that they did not know how many things the horse thieves had robbed from the Yang family The Yang family had made a fortune in recent years and their family background was estimated to be limited After this incident they should be badly hurt Chapter 829 there is nothing wrong with being a slave He wanted to take this opportunity to come to the door and offer a prescription for buying drunk crabs and other things But now it seems that people still have the leisure to do a happy event for the servants I heard that the scene of the happy event is comparable to the scene of a young lady from a big family Does this mean that people are still alive These poor businessmen don't know that the horse thieves have never come back They only know that the Yang family was attacked and suffered heavy losses You say these three rooms are really rich No wonder even horse thieves can be provoked In the crowd looked at Xiuer and Tieshu hand in hand to worship the small Li Shi could not help but open his mouth to say a sentence A maidservant Yangzi's marriage is bigger than her wife's ostentation and extravagance Look how beautiful the wedding dress is embroidered It doesn't look like she hasn't worn the wedding dress yet When she got married she was dressed in a red cotton coat Alas he is really rich "Another new daughter-in-law in the village said" You didn't see the dishes on display big bowls of meat and big bowls of chicken When I was at my mother's home I couldn't eat such dishes even during the Spring Festival " "It's really enviable It seems that there's nothing wrong with being a slave" Xiao Li said Hum it's good Can it be bad if you don't even know how to die Such a discordant collapsible pallet box voice Xiao Li turned his head and found that it was Aunt Li but look at this Aunt Li's mouth is a little broken the eyes are still a little blue ha ha afraid that the injury has not been healed Sister-in-law you can say less Little Li's heart said that this man was really cheap He had been beaten like this and his mouth was not forgiving Chi I can also say wrong these three rooms are not a good family so many people died the servant is not a person Still have the mind to do the happy event As soon as Xiao Li heard this she felt that Aunt Li's brain was like that paste and looked at her tone as if she wanted to defend the servants against injustice without looking at her own identity I don't feel annoyed about what I used to think and how I played with such a mindless person Pulling the corners of his mouth he said "Sister-in-law you're not right The servant is the servant and the master is the master Is it difficult for the servant to die and the master to observe filial piety for him Can't you come to three years without a wedding and three years without red paper" Who is the master and who is the servant When Aunt Li heard this she snorted coldly "I like to flatter people" "Hey how can you talk like an old man" Little Li hummed "Don't grab it if you have the ability when people scatter wedding candies" Servant's banquet naturally will not set up a running water banquet or something but the wedding candy has been scattered a lot in the morning that will be scattered a basket I heard that when the next worship hall opens there are still some to be scattered Just as he was talking Fugui led several people to carry two baskets of wedding candies and peanuts out While speaking festive words he sprinkled wedding candies Then she saw that Aunt Li who had just been disdainful grabbed it faster than anyone else and pulled out a cloth bag from her body stuffing it into the cloth bag as she grabbed it

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