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Black gas ran in the direction of Wang Feng! Fast speed Wang Feng did not dare to underestimate the enemy both feet forced a pedal came to the air look down black gas has also caught up! I had an idea in my mind in an instant Speed up the operation of magic the body of thunder and lightning suddenly magnified several times the intensity Wang Feng's hand knife straight cut down black empty cosmetic tubes smoke slightly against Wang Feng's attack gradually disappeared! Great freedom in the face of Tianmo showed a cruel smile has been waiting for this moment in this moment of attack no matter who there will be a gap Of course if two people's skills are too different even if you know it is impossible to accurately grasp the gap! This time the dagger in his hand cut Wang Feng's neck Unfortunately the sudden surge of thunder and lightning seems to have a soul in general! Dragged away from Wang Feng's body Ti all toward the big free on the arm of the devil hit the past The spirit body is pare thunder is the five elements of the gold force evolved just as the ice force is the water force evolved the difference is that the method of expression and effect is not the same! Da Zai Tian Mo's whole body is stiff! Anyone who is not prepared will be paralyzed And what Wang Feng is waiting for is this moment the magic power in the body is all open in an instant Feet lightly click in the air the original posture has been adjusted Hands with lightning flame drops of water hit the right arm of the Great Freedom Devil heavily without making any sound! The arm of the Great Free Devil fell like a piece of paper without any suspense Wang Feng smiled with satisfaction and put his right foot on the mouth of the Great Freedom Devil avoiding the blood of the Great Freedom Devil Take advantage of the moment when the Great Free Devil was hit by himself he came to the ground and caught the broken arm After the dagger left the Great Free Devil's arm the whole appearance changed back to pure white Wang Feng is holding the dagger for a moment! A beautiful face appeared in his head and it was the half-male and half-female face of the Great Freedom Devil and the half-woman's face! The woman was tired and looked at herself with tears in her eyes Deeply he gave himself a blow and said "Would you help me save myself quickly" Although he wants to rob your body but it is all for me! If it wasn't for me he wouldn't be like this Please can you help me The woman said the tears in her eyes could not stop drifting in Wang Feng's consciousness space Tears fell on the ground Wang Feng can feel the woman's mood that kind of sadness despair heartache can not bear cosmetic plastic tube desolate feeling into his head which is also mixed with everything from the two of them acquaintance acquaintance and separation The eyes are already full of tears unconsciously! Wang Feng nodded seriously and said "I know!"! But we need your help to save him from his demons! I can only defeat him at best and his demons will be expelled by you The woman is all over the face indissoluble do not understand why only oneself can save big free day demon! But even in the world of the dagger you can hear the crazy roar of the Great Free Devil "Wang Feng get out of here!"! Give me back the dagger give me back the dagger The woman listened to the familiar voice and the tears in her eyes could no longer stop coming out! "Good" he said miserably! As long as I can save him I'm willing to pay whatever it takes Wang Feng just smiled but the mood is not happy in any case! He sighed softly and said "You don't have to pay too much!"! I know you're struggling to see him I can only defeat him you must come forward in order to completely eliminate the demons in his heart otherwise sooner or later he will break out can you come out The woman's mouth opened and wanted to say something! But he could not say anything and wiped the tears from his eyes! He nodded his head fiercely A repulsive force came to block Wang Feng's consciousness outside! Wang Feng took a complicated look at the dagger in his hand and flew in the direction of the Great Freedom Devil Holding the dagger in his hand he shook it in front of the eyes of the Great Free Devil who was about to lose control completely and said nonchalantly "Isn't this just a dagger" Is it worth being so nervous "Give it back to me quickly!" Great freedom Tianmo speed is very fast a twinkling of an eye came to the front of Wang Feng! Eyes only focused on the dagger in Wang Feng's hand and a pump tube mortal who saw something he loved was no different! Even the magic power has forgotten to drive the hand grasped the dagger in Wang Feng's hand! Wang Feng controls the strength of his feet! Kick the Great Freedom Devil to the ground! Disdained to spit a mouthful of saliva in the face of the big free devils! "So that's what you look like" he said! That really let me down! There is nothing unusual about this dagger That's right it can't fall into your hands anyway! Then destroy it Wang Feng said both hands a force the dagger broke from the middle randomly broke into two halves of the dagger in the face of the big Tianmo Nope Wang Feng had already broken the dagger in half before the Great Freedom Demon said it! All the resentment and anger in his eyes disappeared at once Like a dead man he didn't even notice the dagger hitting his face The space suddenly became very strange really strange! The atmosphere of the "Dark Demon World" which could have been faintly felt alive has changed Although it was faintly full of vitality it is now completely extinct! With Wang Feng's eyes completely see the desert dozens of miles away the land has all become nihility! The whole "Dark Demon World" seems to follow the consciousness of the Great Free Demon all of which disappear! Wang Feng's heart a "stomp" do not know whether it is right or wrong to do so He stepped forward and controlled his strength to slap the Great Freedom Devil in the face There is no reaction! Frowning from the big free Tianmo paralysis soft feet to get the broken dagger in the eyes of the big free Tianmo shaking up The Great Freedom Demon is still motionless

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