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I stared at him for a long time and felt strange so I went down to the attic put on my coat and touched the place where he was In the attic it seemed that the flashlight was only thirty meters away from the shack but in fact it was much farther I walked in the downwind for ten minutes before I heard the sound coming from the upwind It was a rhythmic beating sound as if someone had a slow drum Lowering down I slowly approached and soon saw a man working on something in front of me I slowed down and continued to approach About ten meters deep draw stamping away from him there was a pile of lush shrubs I hid behind and looked carefully only to find that the sound of drums was actually the sound of engineers shoveling the ground Old Itch with bare arms was digging something on the ground The flashlight was set up on the tree by him and acted as a street lamp My feelings are very complicated on the one hand very curious he came out in the middle of the night carrying me out to dig things in the end what he wanted to do On the other hand I was very unhappy He obviously had something to hide from me I was kind enough to help him but he kept something from me which was very wrong I watched it secretly for a while but I didn't find anything special about him I just kept digging My heart is a little impatient in such a cold night I squatted here cold all over it is a very uncomfortable thing It suddenly occurred to me that if he just wanted to dig a hole here all night I would be an idiot to suffer here with him With the character of the old itch it is not strange to come out to dig a hole in the middle of the night Once he even went to the cemetery in the middle of the night and ordered takeout to pizza shops all over the city At that moment I almost rushed out and asked him what he was doing But I immediately gave up the idea because at the moment I got up I saw a home-made pistol on his waistband This should be an imitation of the Soviet Union's TT30/33 Tokarev pistol I listed this thing on the purchase list but he told me that he didn't buy it I didn't think he would lie to me at that time and now I feel cold all over When I first saw the old itch I always thought he was the same as before still a careless person so I didn't guard against him at all Now it seems that his scheming is actually very meticulous it is simply hidden I was so sure that even if I jumped out and kicked him into the pit now he wouldn't be angry But when I saw the gun I hesitated Now the old itch I can not seem to use previous experience to speculate on him if I jump out he may shoot me dead Instead of going any further I squatted there quietly to see what he was digging for The old itch was very alert Every time he dug three times he would stop and listen to the movement around him But I stood downwind and the wind blew all the sounds I made in the other direction and he never found me He dug for half an hour and suddenly his shovel seemed to be stuck in something metal metal stamping parts and there was a clear sound He stopped digging and leaned down I saw him take out a stick-shaped object from the pit The stick-shaped object was covered with mud and I couldn't tell what it was but intuitively it felt like a bone Old itch slightly wiped and did not look carefully but hurriedly wrapped the thing in cloth and stuffed it into his bag I continued to watch to see what else he could dig out only to find that he began to backfill the soil At this time the mountain wind gradually weakened and there were some signs of changing the wind direction If you hide any longer you're likely to be found I got up stealthily and began to walk backwards The old itch had achieved his goal and was eager to fill the soil back so he did not pay attention to the movement around him I quickened my pace returned to Wobin smoothly and went to sleep quietly pretending that nothing had happened After a while the old itch crept back Seeing that I was still fast asleep he sat down opposite me and began to add wood to the bonfire I closed my eyes my heart churning curiosity and disappointment mixed together and my heart was very uncomfortable I'm going to go back alone when the old itch falls asleep during the change of guard Because I came to this place reluctantly to help him and now that he has something to hide from me I have no obligation to stay any longer Whether he is dead or alive has nothing to do with me But the old itch was full of energy and had no intention of changing the guard with me I squinted and stared at car radiator cap him secretly and found him half lying on the ground thinking about something Then as if he had made up his mind he softly took the stick-shaped object out of his bag and began to wipe it with a cloth Soon the dirt on it was scrubbed away revealing a yellow metallic sheen For a moment I felt very puzzled because on the surface the mysterious thing was only a copper stick There was also a puzzled expression on the old itchy face He looked at the stick upside down and his face became very ugly It seemed that he only knew that something was buried in that place and he didn't know exactly what it was I saw that he was wearing rubber gloves as if he was very taboo about the stick The curiosity in the heart is more why should wear glove can't you touch directly with the hand By this time I had changed my mind I still have to go tomorrow morning but before I go I have to know what this thing is Thinking of this I pretended to have just woken up turned over half opened my eyes coughed and asked him "Old itch what time is it" The old itch was studying the stick attentively and he was startled by my sudden question He hurriedly put this thing behind his back then looked at his watch and said "Three" It's past three o'clock "Oh!" Pretending not to see his embarrassed movements I sat up rubbing my nose and said "Well it's time for us to change the guard Go to sleep" 。

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