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Kids Bunk Bed A Great Way to Maximize Space Kids bunk beds are a great way to maximize space while saving money on separate rooms Choose beds that have solid foundations and mattress supports that prevent gaps or areas where children could be trapped or entangled The method by which the bed can be accessed is also important Bunk beds are usually accessed via stairs or ladders and angled ladders take less space than traditional ladders that are vertical Spacesaving Design Bunk beds are an excellent option to maximize space in a tiny room If youre looking to furnish an attic bedroom or the smallest room in your home bunk beds for kids can help you save floor space without losing any style or comfort Most bunk beds offer twin over full or twin over queen designs so that your children can sleep sidebyside while still having their own space A bunk bed for three is also an ideal option especially when you intend to use the lower bunk as a playroom or office during the day Most bunks come with ladders built into the frame or a staircase that leads to the top bunk The ladders height should not exceed 56 feet above the ceiling for safety reasons This will prevent bumping heads and ensure that the child sleeping on the top bunk doesnt sleep too high You should consider a wooden bunkbed with stairs for your kids bedroom furniture to be stylish This will not only add a chic touch to your childs bedroom but also provide ample storage space for all the books toys and other items they might require Some bunks can be converted to a futon This lets your kids use the lower bed as a sofa during the day and pull out the top futon at night to provide the perfect place to sleep This type of bunk is perfect for rooms with a lot of space and your kids are old enough to handle the extra sleeping surface If you dont have the space for the traditional bunk you can consider options such as a corner loft or bunk These beds are set in the corner of your childs room which leaves the remaining space for other furniture such as shelves or dressers Some bunk beds come with an attached desk so your children can complete their homework while in their bed This will help them stay focused during the study period and helps them develop good habits Easy Climbing Ladder Bunk beds are the ideal solution for kids who want to sleep in separate rooms but do not have the space to have two separate rooms A lot of our bunk beds have a ladder that makes it easier for children to climb to the top of the bed This is much safer than climbing the sides of the bed which can be dangerous Children should only climb on top bunks when they are mature enough to climb safely which is usually when they are at least six years old Many parents are enticed by the straight ladders that are found on bunk beds but we recommend angle ladders to improve the safety and ease of use These ladders offer a smoother climbing experience and theyre also more comfortable to hold To climb kids place their feet on the rungs in a sequence and then climb up until they reach the top bunk For added safety consider choosing a ladder with grooved steps that are antislip and hand holes that make it easier for kids to hold on to as they climb If you are looking for an option that is permanent There are a variety of types of stairs that can be fixed permanently to the frame of bunk beds They have a railing that runs around the stairs to provide additional safety They also feature a wider tread that prevents slipping and falling To give a more attractive look you can choose an stairwell with builtin storage drawers that are an excellent way to keep your kids rooms organized and tidy A loft bed that doesnt have a ladder that connects it to the bottom bunk is another method of reducing space This leaves more room for kids to play in and sleep on These loft and bunk beds typically resemble a treehouse making them a great option for kids who enjoy spending time outside Some of our bunk beds and lofts also feature an optional slide to add an extra element of fun Extra Storage Many loft and bunk beds provide additional storage options that can help children keep their rooms tidy and clean These beds can store books clothes toys books and more vertically thereby saving floor space They also work in traditional and modern bedroom designs Pottery Barn Kids has a numerous twin beds that will fit the room of your child and their needs The classic Maxtrix loft bed with drawers is a great option to provide additional storage space to your childs bunk beds It has two drawers that can be used to store clothes and shoes bedtime essentials and other items The drawers are mounted on unidirectional casters that make it simple for kids to open and close them This is an excellent option for kids who share a room It helps keep the belongings of each other from one another This Maxtrix loft includes a builtin desk and hutch which can be used as an study area kids bunk beds for children is easily removed from underneath the bed and folds up when it is not in use leaving space in the room for play This is a great solution for children who like to work on their computer or craft all day When its time to go to bed the bunk at the bottom of this Maxtrix can be converted into a comfy sofa This is a great choice for kids who like to invite friends over for sleepovers or for parents who want to make space in the guest room This twin over futon is also great for younger children who are transitioning into regular beds from cribs Kids who love to climb and have lots of energy will love the unique design and function of a loft or bunk bed These beds are a great alternative to traditional furniture for bedrooms They are available in a variety of different styles finishes and configurations There are options that include a storage trundle and ladder for guests to stay over and it is possible to accommodate the changing needs of a family within a single bedroom Fun Slide A slide can increase the excitement of a kids bunk bed Children love to race down from the top bunk The excitement encourages activity and imaginative play making it simpler to get up and ready to go to the nights sleep Bunk beds that have slides are the perfect opportunity to mix play and sleep in the same space that is ideal for sharing kids rooms and growing families Kids can race up the ladder then slide down the slide This will provide hours of fun in their rooms Our unique loft and bunk bed models with slide come in full and twin sizes so they are able to fit comfortably into most rooms They can be separated at a later time to create two standard beds This bed frame for bunk beds is constructed from solid birch It has a natural finish as shown but it can be ordered in White or Chestnut For rooms with limited space our bunk bed with slide options include the BilliBolli Slide Tower which can be connected to either the side of the ladder or the front of the frame for the bunk bed Depending on assembly height the slide extends about 190 cm into the room An exit opening of about 70 cm is required Choose the bunk beds for your kids and add a slide to create the ultimate playandsleep combo You can further customize your kids bunk by adding optional bottom play curtains to create an exciting castlelike fort You can also add drawers for trundle storage to provide additional sleeping space if you have guests staying over for the night If youre looking to upgrade your bunk beds spacesaving design with a slide for the bunk and still have space for a second Trundle you should consider our Twin over Full Stacked Storage Bunk Bed with Trundle shown below This bunk bed is spacesaving and has two drawers under the bed for storage and a twin trundle that can be pulled out from underneath the top bunk It can be used by four or more people

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