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Strategist Princess Looking at this scene the man rarely changed the ice face instantly ignited a raging fire this is not what she said'Chen Shimei ' As soon as he stepped up he grabbed Ao Jun by the collar and said in a deep voice "Damn it since you have made a promise you must keep it Otherwise you Magnesium Oxide MgO will be a man in vain" "Never promise how can you keep it" Ao Jun denied it How could she promise to marry a woman "Is this girl going to frame you" The man was more angry and could not help increasing the strength in his hands Let it go Ao Jun did not answer but cold track She hates it when people touch her and she's so rude Seeing that the man did not seem to want to let go Ao Jun stretched out his hand and wanted to take the annoying hand away but unexpectedly she could not break away from the restraint of this man It seems that this man is very good at martial arts As long as you keep your promise I will let go Unexpectedly this seemingly gentle and weak'ungrateful person 'has such agile skills but it seems that he has no internal force at all not like a person who knows martial arts his moves are a little strange and he looks familiar Let it go Oh my God! How many times does she have to say'let go 'today! What's the matter with these two One wrapped around her arm the other grabbed her claim Who did she provoke See two people in that dispute Mo Qing see seize the opportunity small hand gently want to break the man's hand whispered "childe you let go quickly don't hurt brother Mo Jun" "Humph" With a hum the man let go of Ao Jun's collar and frowned He turned to Mo Qing and said "Girl he did this to you and you did this to him" Is it worth it "I" Mo Qing suddenly looked at Ao Jun with a shy look on her face and whispered "It's worth it Although brother Mo Jun treats me like this I still like him because" Because I I'm already his man In the end his voice was as small as if he had said it in his heart But the two men with good ears heard it What "What" The two men screamed at the same time Ao Jun stared at Mo Qing with a face of disbelief what does she mean by this sentence what is already her person she is also a woman How did you never know that Mo Qing was so talented in acting When you tell a lie your face is not red and your breath is not out of breath It turned out that as soon as the man appeared she had this idea! The scheming is very deep! Damn this heartless and heartless man after eating and wiping even refused to admit it If she were here she would have to take this man apart and no Magnesium Sulphate producer she wouldn't stop until she had tortured him to death He couldn't help laughing at the thought of the lovely man torturing the beautiful'ungrateful man 'in some strange way Ao Jun saw this man's fundus inexplicably appeared a smile this from the beginning is not a cold face is angry with a face of the person now unexpectedly after hearing her'crime can not be ''evil deeds' there is such a smile can not help but let Ao Jun's back straight cold sweat Childe Is this man sick Mo Qing is a little suspicious Cough Realizing that he had shown his smile he coughed lightly to hide his smile Since knowing her he has shown his inner thoughts again and again because of her Hey it seems that he hasn't put it down yet! "Cough" Since it is already so marry her Not to discuss but the tone of command at this time he did not hide his king's domineering people feel pressure Don't marry Ao Jun ignored the domineering of the man in front of him and refused in a cold voice Who is he Why should she be ordered Marry Unexpectedly this'ungrateful person 'was not afraid of his power and his body actually exudes a kind of momentum that seems to lead thousands of troops no less than him Don't marry "Marry" …… Just as the two were deadlocked between marrying and not marrying another man who had been standing behind the man and had been ignored stepped forward and said in the man's ear "Master it's getting late" The man listens saw his subordinate one eye be! How could he almost miss the big event because of this'ungrateful 'person But I do not know why see'he ' he can not help but burning with anger'ungrateful' people he also saw more almost numb but this is how to return a responsibility How to react so big so do not know the importance will not be bewitched "Boring" At the moment when the man was distracted Ao Jun decided not to entangle any more After saying coldly Magnesium Oxide powder he turned around and walked away without looking at these people Brother Mo Jun Mo Qing saw that Ao Jun had gone again and the man who said he wanted to make decisions for her did not know what he was thinking and did not even know that he had gone He immediately ignored the strange man and chased after her brother Mo Jun Hearing the shouting the man came to his senses and saw that he was far away He just wanted to catch up with him but was stopped by the man behind him "Wang Ye it's not suitable to stay here for a long time Let's get out of the city quickly!"! Otherwise it would be terrible if the Yelv Eagle found out "Well come on" Yi Tian is right this place is not suitable for a long stay but that person Forget it let's focus on the big picture As he turned to leave he glanced in the direction of the disappearance of the two men without even noticing that his eyes were full of complexity and confusion Strategist Princess Battlefield Chapter 5 Straying into the Bamboo Array 55555…… Tickets! Why are my lovely tickets so few! Tickets come on Come on Dear friends please support me!

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