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I'll be the heroine [wearing the book]. Li Guang was wondering what else was more important than bleeding the old guys in Shen's group He heard Shen Henglu say "Help me get in touch with Mr Yu" Mr Yu Yu Feicheng Li Guangdang asked "Because of Miss Yu" Yu Yan ran the granddaughter of the old man admired Shen Henglu In his early years Shen Henglu talked with her for a period of time in order to achieve the reputation of a wind tramp Although there is no substantive relationship but Yu Yan ran young stainless steel tile trim love is too important since the breakup then every three or five entangled Shen Henglu simply annoying The most suffocating thing is that they want to commit suicide for love Shen Henglu didn't like it but Mr Yu was frightened Immediately sent Yu Yan ran half forced and half deceived out of the country this just stopped Li Guangdang also knew not long ago heard that Yu Yan ran recently came back Shen Henglu couldn't help frowning when he heard the name "Is she back" Li Guangdang "Come back soon" Shen Henglu's original good mood was destroyed and his voice sank "Don't let her appear in front of me again" Li Guangdang smelled the fire of gossip "OK" Shen Henglu's eyes are heavy and gloomy It's good that Yu Yan ran came back It's a fact that he didn't keep his promise He asked him to do something but he had no face to refuse Yu Yu is a little heartless Do you know that I spent a lot of money to accompany you to make a bad movie - Of course Yu Yu who has no conscience doesn't know Shen Henglu's coquettish operation After she arrived in Shanghai apart from eating and going to the toilet she never forgot to review the knowledge she had learned in her professional courses and sum up her shortcomings in performance Although she had a talent for acting before she wore the book she really didn't shoot a big-budget TV series or movie because she didn't have a conscience So to some extent her experience on the spot may not be as good as her own But she came with high morale and she told herself that she had to win the role of the film! However she underestimated the influence of her title as the queen of bad movies and overestimated her luck! In the courtyard of director Yu Feicheng in the suburbs of Shanghai she was declined to meet him At the same time I met the dog man Lu Zheng who came to audition with me As the saying goes the thick-skinned person wins This sentence is about Lu Zheng the dog The author has something to say Finally finished!!! The author knocks on the broken bowl and asks for flowers to comment on QvQ May heaven not be my one-man show! Chapter 14 For Lu Zheng Yu Yu's mood is very complicated On the one hand his achievements in the entertainment industry can not be denied his excellent professional attitude and strength as well as a number of classic works worthy of the new generation of actors called him "Teacher Lu" But on the other hand the real behavior style hidden under the human design is very shameful Of course this shame is only relative After all stainless tile trim there is a pool of muddy water in the circle and Lu Zheng's "philandering" behavior is simply not worth mentioning But Yu Yu's existence of this kind of cognition does not mean that when she meets Lu Zheng again she can speak freely with him regardless of the past just like an old friend However Lu Zheng obviously did not think so At that time Yu Yu was told by Yu's nanny that Yu was not feeling well after receiving visitors today and could not meet Yu Yu as agreed for the time being What a blow Xie Jing was so angry that her scalp tingled and her face changed on the spot Yu Yu's acting skills are not very good but it's the first time that he was stood up alive and had a bowl of closed doors Bully people too much! Yu Yu was also unhappy but when she saw that Xie Jing was so angry that she was smoking in her seven orifices she was able to calm down and soothe the fried Xie Jing This kind of behavior is understandable Who can imagine that a popular star who is active in the TV drama circle whose acting skills are so poor that it is already a high-vote contestant on the topic of "how bad an actor's acting skills can be" will want to run to the final work of Mr Yu and become the rat droppings that destroyed a pot of porridge " Yu Yu Liangliang said "Mr Yu must have refused thousands of times It must have taken a lot of effort for Sister Jing to agree to this appointment before" Xie Jing has a sad face "It's good that you know" She saw that Yu Yu looked so calm that she asked the question she had always wanted to know but had not received a positive answer "So why do you have to stick to Mr Yu's film" She understands and supports the transformation into stainless steel tile edge trim the film industry But she was really scared to death when she challenged the boss with such a big coefficient In order to describe the current commercial value of fish it is not a big problem to brush the face of a hot IP movie But this kind of literary reality film that rushes to win awards even the supporting roles that appear for less than a minute are carefully selected not to mention the leading actors who have a certain part in the play It's as difficult as Mars hitting the Earth Yu Yu squinted and thought why It's probably too long in my previous life This time I especially want to catch something I want She may forget what her ultimate goal is if she lives too comfortably in a comfortable and plain life Whether she can get the role this time or not she has tried and worked hard for it Isn't life always running into a wall However the stewed chicken soup Yu Yu which was about to rot was not going to be cooked by Xie Jing She played her silly temperament very arrogant way "I can I can I want" Xie Jing "…" Okay okay okay you're okay The problem is we're going to leave now and we don't know when we're going to see each other Just then a familiar male voice appeared not far behind them Yu Yu subconsciously turned his head and looked at Lu Zheng accurately For Lu Zheng's impression she still stayed in the last time Lu Zheng was drunk and irrelevant At the moment Lu Zheng looked Pure Brightness and smiled slightly but he looked like a man He said a metaphor for a fish I haven't seen you for a long time I didn't expect such a coincidence What a thick skin Yu said "Unfortunately like Mr Lu I have come to see Director Yu" Lu Zheng's eyes flashed a trace of surprise as if suddenly enlightened "it turned out that you were the one who could not meet Director Yu just now because of his physical illness" "Why do you suddenly want to act in a movie" He asked casually with heavy eyes

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