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"Why are you here so early You're here at dawn" Li Menglong closed the door and asked casually "Magic Soul Literature "After the young master followed Master Guan we wanted to sleep but we couldn't Mr Li suggested that we should go too Together the three of us climbed over the wall and came out" While the ugly brother was talking Meng Quan took off his coat and handed it to Li Menglong He said with a smile "Mr Li let's change it I feel uncomfortable in this kind of clothes" "I'm very comfortable in Brother Meng's jacket" Li Menglong said jokingly as he took off his blue cloth jacket See two people change clothes Li Geng says suddenly "Right after waiting for the shop on the street to open the wire nail machine manufacturers door go to buy a suit of clothes for young master first go out so very conspicuous" Li Menglong said casually "Don't worry don't go out for the time being" Li Geng blinked his eyes and seemed to hear something from Li Menglong's words but did not make a sound After Li Menglong put on his own clothes he said to Brother Chou "Brother Chou you go to tell the waiter at the inn first and get some breakfast as soon as possible I'm starving" "All right I'll go" Ugly brother promised to hurry out he knew that the young master must be hungry yesterday a day basically did not eat After the ugly brother went out Meng Quan said to Li Menglong "Mr Li the two brothers have also arrived If there is nothing to do I will go first" "Brother Chou went to call for breakfast It's still early It's not too late to go after eating together" Meng Quan waved his hand and said with a smile "The breakfast in the inn is useless I'm hungry until noon I'll go to the stall in front of Chongwen Men doors and eat a bowl of stewed oil residue and a big cake It's better than eating anything" Said Meng Quan turned out of the guest room Li Menglong sent to the door said to Meng Quan go well watching Meng Quan's back disappeared in the corner before returning to the guest room Meng Quan said that many people may not have heard of this "stewed oil residue" that is now Beijing people do not necessarily know this is the authentic old capital food because this stewed oil residue is not elegant so not many people know In today's words this oil residue is a standard leftover which is refined from lard and net oil and put into a barrel-shaped oil press After the remaining oil is squeezed out it forms an oil residue cake with a diameter of two feet and a thickness of about half a foot Small vendors who stew oil residue buy it cut it into small pieces add some seasonings such as salt scallion ginger and star anise stew it slowly in a big iron pot until the soup is milky white the oil residue is soft and glutinous then put it in a big bowl Nail Making Machine manufacturers pour sesame sauce on it scatter green coriander powder on it and finally pour a little red chili oil on it That is to say it is both fruity and satisfying and it is deeply loved by the short-clothes gang who do hard work In the front door of Chongwen Men there is a vendor selling stewed oil residue on the sidewalk east of the road known as "Oil Residue Liu" Every morning before seven o'clock he pushes a flat car to sell stewed oil residue here Business is booming Meng Quan said that he came to eat his stewed Oil Residue Li Menglong returned to the guest room and saw Li Geng sitting on a stool at the table His face was still a little pale So he picked up the teapot and poured a glass of water in front of him He asked with concern "Mr Li how do you feel" "It's all right just a little pain" Li Geng gave a wry smile and then said in a self-deprecating tone "Isn't it said that if you survive a disaster you will be blessed I'm still waiting to enjoy a happy life" "I feel embarrassed to let Mr Li suffer with me" "Don't say that young master" Li Geng paused for a moment and then asked "By the way what did the young master mean when he said he didn't have to go out for the time being" Li Menglong then repeated the words of the gatekeeper and then added "I also feel that Uncle Guan's words are reasonable If this secret really endangers the Chinese nation I will become a sinner through the ages" ” "The young master is so confused!" After hearing this Li Geng looked very angry "Let's not worry about whether this secret really endangers the Chinese nation as shopkeeper Guan said Is it not a sinner if you don't save your parents and sisters Lambs kneel down to suckle crows feed back and livestock still have this filial piety" If something happens to the master and his wife it's the young master who will be sad not the shopkeeper! Li Menglong was said to be tongue-tied and red-faced What he feared most in his heart was that others said that he watched his relatives suffer and did not go to save them Just then the ugly brother pushed the door and came in He didn't notice the Nail machine manufacturer expressions of the two people in the room He just talked to himself "I asked for a fried liver tip as well as soybean milk and fried dough sticks The waiter said he would bring it soon" Without waiting for Brother Chou to finish Li Geng interrupted him and said "Brother Chou the young master doesn't want to save the master and his wife" Ugly brother froze for a moment staring at Li Geng with round little eyes as if he hadn't reacted yet "What did you say The young master didn't want to save the master's wife" I I That's not what I meant Li Menglong suddenly has a feeling of shame Li Geng and Chou Ge are thinking about their parents but they are hesitant Young master what's the matter The ugly brother looked at Li Menglong and asked in a daze Uncle Guan said that he would save his father and would not allow us to find the secret guarded by the triads The ugly elder brother is also anxious "what if the shopkeeper can't save the master and his wife" "That's what I mean We can't sit here and wait" Li Geng said softly Li Menglong felt that his brain was in a mess and did not know what to do He was afraid that anything would be mixed with personal feelings and involve the safety of his family At this time it was really difficult for Li Menglong to make a decision Had to look at Li Geng and asked "Mr Li what do you think I should do" "Two pronged approach" Li Geng answered without hesitation "It's up to him what to do with the shopkeeper We can't be idle We must try our best to find the secret If the shopkeeper can't save the master we can't watch the master and his wife get killed" 。

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