Although there are many ways to market your business online, some ways are more effective than others. If you know how to use the most effective free marketing techniques, you can easily drive a lot of traffic to your website. These are the techniques I have found that are the most effective.
1. Free Ebooks
It’s a cliche, but everyone loves freebies. Create a free eBook that’s original, offer compelling content, and give it away to those who join your list.
2. Video
Video is also very popular. Once you learn how to create videos, they can be very effective because you can actually show your visitors how to use the product.
3. Ezines
Although ezines are a relatively old way to market, they’re still effective. Ezines allow you to build a relationship with those who join your list. Use compelling content and include resources your readers find helpful.
4. Articles
Articles are my favorite because, of all the internet marketing techniques I’ve used, these have been the most effective. Articles can be used for many purposes because you can recycle them into other types of content like video.
5. Blogs
Blogs allow you to create search engine friendly content. They also allow you to build websites that don’t require you to know a lot of HTML.
6. SEO
Search engine optimization allows you to get high rankings in the search engines. When you rank high, searchers are more likely to visit your site because they can find you.
7. Linking
Backlinks and Google page rank go hand in hand. If you want high page rank, and high rankings, consider building links.
8. Email Marketing
The most effective way to put your marketing on autopilot is through email marketing. Once you build your lists, if you build them effectively, then all you have to do is send an email to your readers and make the sale.
9. Giveaways
Giveaways are the easiest way to build a list. It allows you to use the leverage of many different people to drive traffic to your list.
10. Forums
Forums, like some of these other techniques is rather old, but it’s still effective. Forums allow you to build relationships with others.
11. Social Marketing
Social marketing is similar to forum marketing because it allows you to build relationships with others. It also includes blogging, video marketing, and any other interactive ways to market.
12. Branding
Create a brand for yourself and others will recognize you. The real secret to making a lot of money online or offline is building a relationship and then getting others to remember you.
13. Joint Ventures
Joint ventures are one of the fastest ways to make money online if you know how to set up your JV correctly. It also allows you to use the power of leverage and sell your products in places you might not have considered.
14. Affiliate Marketing
You don’t need a product, a list, or even a website to get started in affiliate marketing. You just need to choose a product and start promoting.
15. Affiliate Program Management
With affiliate program management, you’re the merchant. You get others to join your affiliate program and promote your products or services.
16. Free Classifieds
Free classifieds, are also one of the oldest techniques. They’re still effective if you know how to write a good ad, and you post those ads where they’ll be seen.
17. Social Bookmarking
This technique not only allows you to build backlinks to your site, but it also allows you to connect within various communities like Digg. It’s also a fast way to get traffic.
18. Memberships
Memberships are similar to giving away free reports, but they’re also better. They allow you to build relationships, as well as create joint venture deals. You can then leverage your promotions.
19. Offline Marketing
Offline marketing can be as varied as your imagination. Posting notices on bulletin boards, giving out business cards, or even joining offline groups will help you connect.
20. Relationship Marketing
Relationship marketing is somewhat different from social marketing. This type of marketing can be done online or offline.
21. Press Releases
Press releases allow you to build backlinks. They also allow you to announce news about your business, connect with journalists, as well as your customer.
22. Content Recycling
This is where you take your content, like an article, and convert it into different forms: video, slide shows, free reports, etc. and then submit to the appropriate directories.
23. Ad Swaps
Ad swaps allow you to build your list more quickly. You can either exchange ads using solo ads or swapping ads on thank you pages.
24. Directory Submission
There are plenty of both general directories and specialized directories on the internet. These directories allow you to build backlinks to your sites.
25. Firesales
This is just one of the many forms of a joint venture. It allows you to make a lot of money quickly.
26. Pay Per Click
Pay per click is usually considered a paid technique. If you know where to look, you can find tons of free credits to test your campaigns first.
27. Copywriting
Most wouldn’t think of copywriting as a marketing technique. However, if you write an ad or salesletter that increases your response, you’ve made money you wouldn’t have made if you hadn’t used effective copy.
28. Viral Marketing
This is definitely the hardest way to market. Getting others to spread your message isn’t something you can control. The key is to create something that others are willing to share.