The term affiliate marketing for newbies suggests an approach somehow different than affiliate marketing for seasoned pros. You’ll be surprised and maybe relived that success with affiliate marketing is amazingly similar for both camps.

First, let’s do a quick walk through of what affiliate marketing is, followed by an overview of what it’s going to take to get your affiliate marketing efforts off the ground.

Affiliate marketing for newbies, or any others, involves the basic concept of connecting a customer with a product. Your job, as the affiliate marketer is to put these two parties together. In essence you’re the proverbial middle man, except in this case a critical middle man, and if done correctly a very well paid middle man!

The product can be anything, digita such as an ebook, or a training program sent electronically or something tangible like a TV a blender or a stuffed animal. You however, don’t have to touch the inventory. You’re job is to place content online, typically using a search engine like Google. In your content you place a link or two. The link takes the interested customer to the product or service you’re representing. If they’re want it, they buy and you get a commission, thanks to your link which identifies you. It’s really that simple.

So you ask where do you find the offers? ClickBank is a common source of digital offers, but Amazon, Target and even WalMart run thriving affiliate marketing programs for newbies and the experienced. There are literally thousands of companies eager to have you market their product. In return you can earn a commission. With ClickBank, the commissions are often 75% of the price paid! Most of the products cost around $40…so doing the math, that means you make $30 per sale! Sell one or two a day and within a week you’ve made over $400! The commissions at Amazon, Target and WalMart are quite a bit lower (2-5%) but many people make a fine living just targeting one of these three major retailers.

If you’re excited about the opportunity you should be! Now for a little dose of reality. Only a small minority of those new to this ever go on to make a dime in affiliate marketing. Why? Because most have no training in online marketing. Look, anyone can make money online, I’m living proof of that. But the training I got early on in areas including how to build a web site (it can be done with minimal hassle factor) keyword research and SEO research, among other topics, made all the difference. See my bio below for more on this.

Another often over looked key to success for newbies is to consistently work at it. You don’t need to spend eight hours a day or even two. Here’s what consistency looks like: sixty minutes a day, at least five days a week for a year. Now, that, combined with quality training, will take you to the next level. Spend more time each day and combine that with excellent training and you’ll go even further!