Empathy training for nursing staff based on the experience of other participants has long been part of our company’s training offer. In particular, we use an age suit to provide participants with an insight into the living environment and situation of older people, even though they are currently only in their twenties or thirties themselves. The empathy training often leads to a change of perspective amongst the participants, helping them to see their potential customers in different ways in future and becoming more competent in their job as a result.

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What is an age suit?

An age suit is a costume worn by adults to simulate the experience of being old. Age suits are typically designed to make the wearer look like they have wrinkles, enlarged joints and thinning hair. The use of age suits in training courses has been shown to enhance empathy for people with disabilities or health problems, and promote caregiving skills among nurses.

How does an age suit help with empathy training?

An age suit gives people a temporary change in perspective, and this change in perspective is what we are looking for. We want the participants to experience life as an elderly person feels it, so that they might better understand the needs and wishes of older adults. In our eyes, empathy training with an age suit is one way to help them do so.

What are the benefits of empathy training for nursing staff?

We have been conducting empathy training for nursing staff for many years. We use age suits in such training courses (seminars, workshops) with great success. With an age suit, the participants get an insight into the living environment of older people. This enables them to make better and more understanding contact with their patients and to thereby improve their skills as nurses. And it goes without saying that this is a win-win situation for all parties involved: the nursing team, its members and its patients.