Again I think that this post is a life lesson that doesn’t just apply to your network marketing business so take note. I think that in life the easy way out is to avoid problems instead of confronting them. Running away never solves anything. All you are doing is delaying the inevitable, something like our world governments are doing at the moment, just kicking the can down the road hoping the problem will go away. Well, it wont. Here are some problems that if they arise, you need to confront them head on immediately

1) No support from your up line. He doesn’t answer calls and offers no support that you feel you should be receiving
Although you need to use your initiative in the building of your network marketing business, if you are not receiving any support from your up line, then you need to say to him that if things do not improve, you will walk away from the business. This industry is all about teamwork and although no up line support has been the making of some marketers, it is definitely the exception to the rule

2) Running out of people to talk to
This can be very common for network marketers. The lack of qualified prospects in which they can show their network marketing business to is a growing problem in our industry. Again you need to confront this immediately, otherwise your business will die a death. Start learning on line marketing strategies. There is no reason why you cant be generating 20 leads per day on line within a matter of weeks. You need to have a constant flow of prospects entering your business every day. Prospects are the lifeblood of your business. The more you have, the more potential you have for a bigger business.

3) Running out of Cash especially in the early months.
This again can be very common for network marketers especially if you are paying for advertising your business. Change your call-plan with your phone company. Start marketing a funded proposal online where you can get your marketing costs more or less paid for by selling products and services as an affiliate. This is very popular on line which is the reason why you will rarely see a seasoned marketer spending money on marketing their primary business.

Above all, confront your problems in your network marketing business. If there is an area that it not working, confront it, seek advice from respected people and eliminate the problem. Running away from anything shrinks your creativity and has you experiencing scarcity. Do not let this be you. Confront your problems It is the quickest way to mlm success.