Coming up with great posts, photos, and videos are good ways to begin your online marketing campaign. Having and following a good strategy to promote all your content is the next step to take to achieve your online marketing goals.

Having a good content marketing campaign usually means following tried-and-tested procedures and tips and avoiding mistakes that will have negative effects on your strategy or plan. If it’s your first time to start or take on a content marketing campaign, below are the mistakes you need to avoid:

Prioritizing quantity over quality. Content is important in content marketing. If you don’t have any new or existing content, you won’t be able to promote or share anything. However, you shouldn’t compromise the quality of your content just because you want to share something new every day. After all, your target audience will still look for and be interested in content that has substance and ignore ones that are of low quality. As such, instead of coming up with numerous content that are of low quality, focus on producing smaller amounts of high quality, informative, and well-written or top-notch content that stands out from the crowd.

Not doing enough to market your content. According to experts, content marketing is made up of three pillars: creating great content, making sure it appears on search engines, and promoting this to your followers. If you don’t do a good job of carrying out or completing any of these tasks, you might as well quit your content marketing campaign. You can start doing a better job of marketing your content by making use of influencer marketing, employing a good email marketing campaign, and creating a good social media campaign.

Constantly creating content from scratch. Content creation requires a lot of time. And you or your staff will have to work doubly hard if you want to promote only high quality content. However, coming up with good content doesn’t mean you always have to create something new from scratch. Once you have some solid, high-quality content, don’t let them go to waste. You can repurpose old content by updating it to include new information and republishing it at a later date.

Failing to publish at regular intervals. Lastly, once you have determined your optimal amount of content, you have to create a set editorial calendar so you can put that content out at regular intervals or on a schedule. Keep in mind that an erratic publishing schedule can make it hard for you to build a stable audience because your readers or followers won’t know when to expect your next piece. They may even abandon visiting your site altogether.