If you are looking for a company that will perform precision flame cutting, then you have come to the right place. Cutting Edge Fabrication is a leader in CNC precision flame cutting services and utilizes the latest waterjet and laser cutting machines. Using CAD data, fabricators will convert CAD files to machine code. Once the code is generated, the laser cutting or waterjet machines will remove the sheet material. Xometry manufacturers can offer a variety of post-processing options to further finish the parts, and offer a complete turnkey service.


The Manufacturing Supplier Network at Xometry in Munich is dedicated to the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and offers sheet-cutting services on hundreds of materials. Its online marketplace connects enterprise buyers with suppliers of custom-manufactured parts worldwide. With a wide range of options, Xometry can help you build whatever enclosure your product needs. You can even source materials like pre-treated sheet or galvanized metal.

Xometry is like Uber for manufacturing. Using proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, they match customers with quality and timeliness–all within a few hours. The Xometry Partner Network includes over 8,000 machines. Their goal is to help manufacturers meet their quality and timeliness objectives, and to offer manufacturing on demand. Xometry works with companies like ICS that can supply fast turn-around times, high quality products, and scalable capacity.

Xometry is an on-demand manufacturing company that provides online services and tools. It connects thousands of buyers with manufacturers across multiple industries. In the third quarter of 2020, it had revenues of $41.9 million and 26,187 active buyers. Xometry’s revenue increased by 35.3% last year, and it had a net loss of $14.7 million compared to a $6.2 million loss in the previous year.

Xometry utilizes the latest in additive manufacturing (AM) and sheet metal fabrication. Its AI algorithm-driven Xometry Instant Quoting Engine analyzes 3D models to determine the cost, design feedback, and delivery date based on your specifications. It’s easy to get a quick quote, and Xometry provides turnkey finishing and delivery. These capabilities make Xometry the perfect one-stop-shop for your manufacturing needs.

American Industrial Company

If you’re looking for a single source manufacturer in hamburg that can handle all of your metal stamping needs, look no further than the team at American Industrial Company. With over 30 years of experience, our team of experienced metal stampers is ready to meet all of your requirements. American Industrial’s capabilities span from primary metal stamping to secondary services, custom formed components, and much more. Our company employs the most advanced laser cutting system on the market today. With over 3,000 watts of power, the VyTek FiberCAB 44 system can process all kinds of metals, including aluminum and tin, stainless steel, and more.

The 3 kW YAG laser used at American Industrial Company provides high-speed, clean, and precise cutting of stainless steel, aluminum, and cold-rolled steel. This laser has a cutting depth of 1/4″. The fiber optic technology of the system enables it to cut steel up to 1/4 inch thick without any scrap, meaning that more products are created with lower costs. Additionally, the American Industrial Company utilizes fiber optic technology, which results in reduced spot size and amplified beam strength.

Cutting Edge Fabrication

Recently, Cutting Edge Fabrication purchased a building in the same business district, and 3.5 acres of adjacent land. The company provides CNC machining, metal fabrication, and final assembly. In addition, the company has recently acquired a building located along West Florist Avenue. Previously, the buildings were owned by United Process Controls Inc. and sold for $438,500 in March. In addition to manufacturing products for the food and beverage industries, Cutting Edge Fabrication fabricates industrial shot blasting equipment.

The salary range for employees at Cutting Edge Fabrication varies. Salary ranges vary by position, department, location, and skill level. Salaries range from $87,393 to $118,263, with a high-paying role being paid over $101,328. Interested individuals should check the company’s website for current openings. Cutting Edge Fabrication is based in TUCSON, AZ. There are various locations throughout the United States and in Canada.

Cutting Edge’s CNC precision flame cutting

The CNC precision flame cutting process at Cutting Edge Fabrication utilizes state-of-the-art oxy-fuel torches to create high-quality, flame-cut parts. The CNC process is a cost-effective way to produce precision pieces. Cutting Edge uses a state-of-the-art 11′ x 28′ burn table. Cutting Edge is also capable of beveling parts to increase the precision of the cut.

Flame cutting is a cost-effective and efficient process for reducing metal costs. It requires intense heat and pure oxygen to achieve the desired result. The flame starts by heating a spot on a plate with oxyfuel, and then injects a high-pressure stream of oxygen. As the oxygen moves through the plate, it cuts the material as it forms iron oxides. The intense heat from flame cutting can also soften steel in the HAZ.

CNC flame cutting is an effective way to cut a variety of materials, including thin and thick steel. CNC flame cutting is most effective when it is applied to carbon steel plates. Laser or plasma cutting is a good alternative when thinner steel plates are required. Flame cutting requires a high-quality torch and is a cost-effective solution for many projects. The CNC flame cutting process allows customers to create more complex shapes and more precise parts than traditional methods.

CS Hyde’s hydro cutting

If you need to convert an object from one form to another, you might want to consider CS Hyde Company’s custom conversion services. CS Hyde offers custom die cutting, laminating, slitting, and sheeting services. Its products include silicone products and tapes. Other companies that offer waterjet cutting and die cutting services include Miller Gasket Co., Sun Process Converting, Inc., and The Water Jet Company.

Flow International’s Mach 2b 4020b waterjet cutting system

Metalwerks recently commissioned a new Flow International Mach 2b 4020b waterjet cutting machine. This machine features a 6 1/2 ft by 13 ft cutting bed and uses both abrasive and pure water to cut virtually any material. It is also capable of cutting to +/-0.005″ linear straightness tolerance. Flow says its machine will help the company save up to 20% on material costs.

Flow International has an extensive range of waterjet cutting systems. Flow’s FlowXpert 2015 waterjet software features a robust 3D CAD/CAM solution, including FlowXpert, which improves pathing workflows and speeds waterjet programming. Flow’s Mach 4 waterjet cutting system features unique features in the industry, such as an expandable modular design and exclusive Nexen roller pinion system. Flow’s machines are easy to operate and feature an ergonomic design for convenience and easy access to material.

This system uses garnet abrasive to create a high-speed stream for cutting practically any type of material. This technology also creates a highly accurate stream, making it ideal for soft materials. The Mach 2b 4020b also offers advanced beveling capabilities. The Mach 2b 4020b waterjet cutting system has a maximum cutting depth of 60 degrees and is capable of cutting 2D shapes and 3D parts.