You cannot neglect the power of Facebook (FB) nowadays.  It is especially true for online marketers who want to get more exposure to the target customers.  However, there are only a few people who can find true success marketing on Facebook.  In this article, you will discover why should you incorporate Facebook in your marketing strategy, and four tips that leverage the power of Facebook marketing. After reading this article, you will be able to do your Facebook marketing in an effective way.

Why should you incorporate Facebook in your marketing strategy?

There are two reasons why you should choose FB to advertise your business.  Firstly, recently studies have shown that Facebook has reached 500 millions of users, which is similar to 8% of the world population.  And given the launch of Facebook Ad program, it gives an attractive opportunity for marketers to advertise themselves on this social media giant.

Secondly, the most important feature of Facebook ad program is that, you can choose to target a group of people at a very specific level.  In other words, compared to the days where you put your ads to mass media and “hope” that someone will be attracted by your ad and buy your product, you can now choose to match your product to a very specific group of people.  It gives the power of focusing to the right people and avoid wasting your time and energy an advertising campaign that does not generate any result.

4 tips that get the most out of Facebook marketing

  1. Create a Fan page to brand your business: One of the most powerful actions on Facebook is to brand your self or your company.  Given that there are a large number of people staying on FB every day, you can create a fan page and share it to your friends and go viral.
  2. Show your expertise and be interactive and helpful: While Facebook fan page can allow customer to interact with you, you should not use fan page as a sales machine only.  Rather you should provide as much help as possible to your “fans” and build relationship with them.  The relationship you build today will generate enough goodwill and sales tomorrow.
  3. Put a video: if you have a company video you should consider putting it on your fan page.  Sometimes a 30 seconds video worth more than a 1000 words article.  And people often perceive video as more valuable than an article.
  4. Connect your fan page to your website: Facebook fan page is a promotional tool, but not an actual website.  You are strongly suggested to have your own website and connect it to fan page.  It is because it is more trustworthy to have a website than based everything on Facebook.  And people are expecting more from your website than your fan page.

Now that you have already know the power of marketing using Facebook and four tips to get the most out of it.  Next time when you are thinking about marketing for your business, you have another important channel to consider put your effort on.