Traditional marketing and why it does not work anymore?
Do you think people still pay attention to TV ads or like to attend a call from some random telemarketer? Or can you force people to buy your products and services? Well, the answer is a big NO. The world has become excessively busy and does not like to be annoyed.

So many businesses around the globe are still following the old marketing trends. It is fine for a big business to spend big money on expensive and less effective TV advertising campaigns. This is how you can rent the attention of your customers rather than earning their trust.

Some of the traditional marketing tools are

1. Broadcast (TV, Radio etc)
2. Print marketing, the oldest of all marketing means
3. Direct mail
4. Telemarketing

Traditional marketing methodology does not attract customers the way it was used to do in the past. It has become interruptive and mundane. Stats suggest that more than 90% people skip TV ads and unwanted emails. Therefore, the chances of your message being heard through these channels are critically low. Above all, traditional marketing is very expensive.

So, how can you meet the emerging marketing trends and grow your business?
Inbound marketing tactics have been turning out to be the ultimate solutions. It is all about attracting customers by giving what they like rather than annoying them with conventional marketing tactics. It is about creating smart content and let customers find it.
What if your potential customers are looking for solutions on Facebook and you are trying to reach them through Radio. Will it help?

Inbound marketing can be divided into four phases
First, you have to create the right content and display it at the right place in order to attract customers. You can use social media, website, or a blog to display the relevant message to the relevant audience. Identify and educate people on their problems. Study the demographics of your potential customers. Tools such as SEO can help you optimize your presence on the internet in form of websites.

Second, convert the visitors into leads by creating appropriate landing pages and call-to-action. Landing page of your website is the place that can help you generate qualified leads. Make sure that you have the pertinent content on your website and blog. Moreover, make it easy for customers to find you on the internet.

Third, it is time to turn leads into customers. You can deliver a content-rich email to your leads and make them buy your products and services. Making a successful sale is not the final phase of inbound marketing. Still, you got some important work to do

Fourth, Build a strong relationship with your existing customers so that they happily promote your products. Analyse the whole process, figure out the mistakes and try to fix them. Provide the existing customers opportunities or channels where they can talk about your products and promote it.