Since the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT preparation courses) integrates wide intellectual concepts, it requires an out-of-the-box way of thinking. To prepare for the new online version of the GAMSAT, students should expect a 5.25-hour marathon that includes 21 minutes of reading time.


If you’re wondering, “What’s so different about GAMSAT questions?” Starting with the question categories, GAMSAT is unlike any other medical admission test, ranging from multiple-choice to essay to stem-oriented. The GAMSAT is broken into three sections: GAMSAT Section 1, Section 2, and GAMSAT Section 3.


Section 1 of the GAMSAT consists of 62 questions based on a variety of literary elements, including written excerpts, cartoons, poetry, prose, and more. It’s entirely natural that Section 2 seems like an insurmountable mountain once you’ve tackled the humanities stimuli, which need higher-order reasoning skills.


In GAMSAT Section 2, you are given two tasks, Task A and Task B, each with a different set of quotations. The examiners will be able to analyse your vocabulary and communication abilities if these quotes are broken down into smaller bits of credible explanations. Check out our GAMSAT Section 2 quote generator if you’re unsure about the general and specific GAMSAT themes that may arise. A unique tool designed to test you on a wide range of topics to prepare you for the GAMSAT. When faced with a difficult exam topic, the quote generator can help you think outside the box.