A driving instructor or tutor is someone who teaches you driving skills and prepares you for the next practice test. The tutor teaches you the theory and techniques of careful driving and teaches you how to drive different types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, buses, and trucks. A driving tutor is an experienced person who tells you everything you need to know to be the best driver of the future.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a driving instructor or tutor are:

  • Teaches driving principles
  • Informs safety driving procedures
  • Provides information on dealing with emergencies
  • Gives detailed theoretical knowledge
  • Helps you to practice driving
  • Teaches you to handle the steering wheel
  • Tells you how to park and reverse the car
  • Advises students on how to improve their driving skills
  • Gives the learner the confidence for the practical test

These are some of the duties and responsibilities that a driving instructor should adopt for effective teaching.

Some many companies and individuals can help you feel confident behind the wheel. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing you’re driving instructor:

Are they eligible? Instructors must be approved driving instructors (ADI) or trainee driving instructors. ADIs and trainees wear badges on their vehicles, indicating that they are driving trainers. Used to display a green badge for ADI and pink for the trainee.

Do they have a good reputation?Words of mouth describe the experience with an instructor and these words are powerful enough to describe the reputation of any instructor. If someone in your family, friends, or colleagues learn to drive with an instructor, ask them about their experience with their instructor. Now that you know a person’s reputation as an instructor, you can easily decide and find a good driving instructor for driving practice.

Do you feel comfortable with a driving instructor? A technically good instructor maybe not be the right choice for you. If you take some lessons from an instructor and you feel that you are not clicking and you are not comfortable with them then you can change this driving instructor without any hesitation and without wasting your time. To learn to drive, you need to feel supportive, confident, and safe. 

Are they trustable? If you’re driving instructor arrives late and cancels the driving lesson on short notice and teaches you with other students, you should change this instructor as soon as possible. Learning to drive is expensive so if you’re driving instructor is not trustworthy and you are not learning properly with this instructor then you can waste a lot of money before getting tested and licensed.

Choosing the wrong driving instructor can be detrimental and can affect your driving skills and waste your money so you should consider these points before choosing a driving instructor and you will make the right choice for yourself.  

Driving tutors are your mentors in driving and make you a defensive driver. Training with a professional driving tutor reduces the risk of road accidents.dd description for your Article from here.