Internet marketing education these days comes in a variety of forms and content specialties, and it is up to the individual to determine which one they are most comfortable with that meets their needs. Below are a few of the various categories that I found looking around on the internet. Some courses that find are general and refer to completing on overall strategy but most of them rely on one of the below areas as a staple of their program. It is up to the entrepreneur to determine where they want to end up and how much time they are willing to invest to make their dreams a reality.

Training Opportunities

These are your all inclusive “pay for the program” opportunities, these are the most prevalent but often relay on a prior knowledge on the part of the internet marketer to make all the pieces fit. Prior to signing up for one of these courses it is recommended that you have affirm grasp of the below areas so that you know whether or not the course you are choosing matches with the way you would prefer to market. Secondly these courses typically function really well assuming you know where your target market is and you know how your target market is, traditionally these course will not correct the strategy in the event that your market s not positioned as you expected.


This is a subject of much debate and even with good software will require a substantial amount of time to deliver enough content to bring in a high number of followers. It is actually quite a feat of networking itself to get enough writers on board around a common theme to make a run at marketing in this direction. While SEO is important services like Google get smarter every day and are cracking down on “content “mills…. So make sure you are really giving good original content and you’ll be sure to triumph in quality over quantity.

Email Campaign

Email is really just touching base with a client and requires a lot of maintenance as today’s clients abandon email addresses like they throw away a cereal box. Email Marketing is all about the copy as well, and if your message is not tailored then it looks like spam. People want their privacy and if they see that the email content is not directly tied to them, then you have created a negative impression for your marketing effort.

Social Networking

This is a targeted form of advertising that requires even more specific content than the above methods… and requires a working knowledge of how all of the pieces fit around a product. Twitter, Stumble Upon, Facebook, Digg… just to name a few, and all of them require an interaction which must be managed.

So in conclusion internet marketing education requires some roadmap from someone to effectively make the jump from time sucking hobby to effective profit center… the only difference between the 5% that succeed and the 95% that fail is how clearly they have defined the vision, and how closely they have listened.