At some point, we’ve all scoured the web for information having ended up with dozens of listings for a single key phrase. While a few of these are genuinely out there for information, the major chunk have an ulterior motive – marketing.

Web content peppered with links is nothing but a content marketing campaign. It is used by a large number of business owners to get word out about their business, providing some useful info to prospective customers simultaneously. However, managing a content marketing campaign is not as easy as write, publish and link. It involves some serious groundwork and we’ve discussed 6 tips to optimize it.

1. Set a goal –

What’s the objective? The obvious answer is generating leads and sales. How are you going to achieve it? That’s the real question.

The idea of using content marketing is to boost sales through creating awareness, engaging readers, improving loyalty and building relationships. Hence, aggressive promotions throughout will not help. Rather than a general goal, break up your content marketing strategy into smaller, specific and realistic goals.

2. Track and measure –

With your content marketing strategy up and running for a while, you need to track performance. Thus, the first thing to do is implement trackable strategies. Track the right metrics depending on your objectives. Some of the metrics you can measure include:

· The page views and documents accumulated

· The number of social media shares

· The social networks that bring the most traffic

· The number of consumers you have managed to convert into leads and actual sales

You can always change or delete content that is not aligned with your content marketing objectives.

3. Consumer-centric –

Target an audience. The marketing strategies you adopt should focus on the needs and requirements of your audience; otherwise they will fall flat. Use high-ranking keywords in your content, but add a human touch to it.

Speak to them as though you understand them. Provide information that they can use. Share your expertise in your content; you should sound like a voice of authority if you want to build credibility among your readers. Also, identify the factors that trigger purchase. Use and test the data from analytics to craft content. Test the content to see how it performs.

Do a bit of research on forums, social media sites and through personal interactions to see exactly what your targeted customers want.

4. Develop a road map –

Create a plan. This includes the type of content you will create, potential topics, the length of content you think appropriate, the frequency of content publication, how you will include your call-to-action and, the social media channels you will use. Flesh it out and document it. It will help you better understand the loopholes and where you need to improve.

5. Set yourself apart –

Every second business uses a content marketing strategy. If you want yours to really work, you need to do something different.

6. Don’t forget Google –

Google keeps updating its algorithms; if you aren’t on the same page with it, your content marketing campaign will fail. Your content won’t rank high on search engines.

So, if there’s anything you’ve been doing wrong or not doing, use these tips to improve your content marketing strategy.

For more tips on how to improve your content marketing strategy, click this link []. You will learn everything from how to write articles that read like customer magnets to posting and publishing in the right to places, not to forget the pitfalls to avoid.