There are a lot of internet marketing advice and tips floating around on the internet; some of it can be obtained for free and some at varying prices. There is however one piece of advice that you should consider very seriously whichever way you receive it. It is that you should build a list of subscribers.

This is solid advice that will set a strong foundation for your online business. Building a list of people who are interested in your topic enables you to form a relationship with them and meet their needs. Of course you will charge some price for the products or services you provide but you will not have to go looking for people to sell to each time you have a new product or service for your chosen market.

Building a list is sound advice that will in the long run save you money on advertising. It will also enable you to test the acceptability of your new products on your subscribers and customers before you roll it out to the larger marketplace.

Creating your list is one internet marketing advice that does not have to be an elaborate exercise you just have to get it done. Here are the basics.

1. Choose a target market and find out hat your market needs. This will guide you to provide the products or services your market is already poised to pay money for without you having to market heavily to them.

2. Offer them a taste of your product or service. This gives them the opportunity to test your product or service and you get to see how you can improve things. You also build trust as you go along.

3. Get out the word that you have a product or service to offer people and you are quite happy for them to test it out before making any further commitment. There will be a little less resistance if people believe they are getting a good product or service to try out.

4. Automate your communication and product delivery using an autoresponder. This will save you time and effort. Remember that you will be doing business with people all around the world in different time zones so you need to make sure your shop (website) is open all ours.

5. Make sure you capture the names and addresses of your visitors so that you can follow them up with your autoresponder system.

6. Build a relationship with your market and find out what more they need and either create or source it for them.

The above internet marketing advice to build a list is sound. Once you have set everything up make sure you test it so you can tweak it where necessary.