Many people frown upon forum online marketing strategies. The concept of marketing to your friends seems offensive.

Forums and chat rooms are a place for people to “hang out” and have conversations with like-minded people. It’s a way to get and give advice and information to help solve problems, have casual discussions regarding your favourite hobby and find resources that are hard to find.

People who participate in forums feel like they are part of a community. It’s a social gathering place where the rules of politeness and good manners gets you lots of friends and boorish behaviour gets you banned from the forum.

Blatant attempts to market your products and services on forums are considered bad manners. In fact, subtle or sneaky attempts to sell your wares are not acceptable either.

On the other hand, if you have some useful information and you are willing to share it for free you will be welcomed enthusiastically.

By giving away useful, valuable information for free you will make a lot of friends. You will also gain the respect of the community and make connections that can come in handy in developing your business.

Getting a good reputation on the forums can be really good for the ego, but is there a way to cash in on all the good publicity among a very targeted group of peers? How do you market your products and services to these people if you are not allowed to promote directly or indirectly?

This is the art of doing forum online marketing correctly.

We know that people on the forum are looking for free advice and information. There are two ways of providing that information. One is to post a comment right in the forum, in response to a question. However, sometimes the answer to a question can’t be given in a few short paragraphs. This is where the second technique comes in and is the first step to a successful forum online marketing campaign.

The way to run a proper forum marketing campaign is to provide some good information right in the forum then offer a longer “free report” as a download. Some forums won’t allow this in the main body of the forum post, so you can put the download information in the signature area.

When people go to get the free report you can have them sign up for it with their name and email address. This gets them on to your autoresponder email list.

After they sign up you can send them to a download page to get the free report. You have some marketing options here:

Some people will send people to a “one-time-offer” sales page right after they sign up. This is a direct attempt to sell your goods. If people are used to you offering free advice on the forum and are interested in the free report you offered, sending them to a sales page before you provide the report can be a little jarring. Some people may get offended and it could affect your reputation on the forum.

I prefer to give people the free report right away and make them happy that they followed the link I provided in the forum. This makes me a good friend who is willing to help where he can. When I provide what I promised without any hassles people will be willing to follow my direction in the future. This is good for business.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with providing additional links on the download page where they can buy things.

This is the approach I prefer.

After you have provided the free information you promised you can tempt them to click on other links that lead to related, useful resources that they can buy.

By providing this additional, useful information related to the question being discussed in the forum you become a hero. Not only did you provide some valuable free information, but you also led them to a more comprehensive solution to their problem. “Wow, what a helpful guy!” they’ll say.

Forum participants will really appreciate your style. These people will buy from your links again and again. They will also say good things about you on the forum which builds your reputation and ultimately, your profits as well.

That’s the right way to do forum online marketing. It treats people with respect, builds respect for you, builds your list for additional marketing opportunities and gets you a following of real, live human beings who will provide a high lifetime value for your business. You will have tremendous financial security in the process of helping a lot of people.

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