Does this sound like you? You are marketing your services and spend more time in marketing endeavors than in actually delivering your services. Every time you hear about a new marketing idea, you think you have to jump on it and get it in place for your business. You have numerous “marketing projects” partially started, and they never get finished. Yet, every time you hear a new Facebook or LinkedIn idea, you drop what you’ve been working on, and start learning how to use the new technique.

The worst part though is that, on those occasions where a prospect is interested in your services, they ask that dreaded question, “Do you have more information?” Your face turns red and you try to act professional as you fumble, bumble, and apologize because you do not have your basics covered. You’ve never finished your marketing writing or website writing, so just when someone is truly interested and wants to know more, you have nothing to give them. All that you have is amateurish business materials, or a website put together by someone without business or marketing experience. How about deciding that it’s time to get your basics covered before you do one more complicated marketing technique – literally not one more. If you want to simplify your marketing and start with the basics, here are some ideas how to get your marketing writing foundation in place before you add any embellishments.

1. Don’t worry about doing any social media efforts until you have put together your business materials and website.

If you “follow the crowd” into using these techniques before you have clearly written all the details of your business, you will struggle. Of course, there could be exceptions to this statement. If you have a unique business, go ahead with your plans. Typically though, what happens is that you will take your business out into the social media before it is “all put together”. This makes you look unprofessional – and to a wide audience. It’s better to do your marketing writing, and website writing, and take the months it takes to get all that finalized first. Once you are clear on exactly what your business is, you are more credible when you start your social media campaigns.

2. It’s not unusual for a new business to take several months to a year to get their marketing writing and website writing finalized, and get the website functional.

That does not mean you can’t be making money and conducting business during that time. Of course you can, and you will. Consider this time a “laboratory” period where you experiment with the language that works to clarify and attract your target market. There will be efforts that succeed wildly and those that utterly fail. You might as well know which is which before you “fall on your face” in front of the whole cyberworld.

3. You don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to do it all at once.

You don’t have to do it all right away. Pace yourself. Set realistic goals. Focus on the marketing writing first, and get your business materials in place. Be able to respond professionally when a prospect asks for more information. The process of getting these written pieces finalized will make it much easier to complete your website writing project because you’ll have done most of the writing already.

4. Once you have done all your marketing writing, get started on the website writing.

This can be a lengthy project, so be realistic. Inevitably, when we start, we think we should be able to get it all finished this week, this month, or by next month. This project is not something to be rushed. It’s best to do the job right, and to create a site that regularly brings you targeted prospects interested in buying your services.

5. Don’t make yourself crazy by thinking you have to “follow the crowd” and do the latest and most modern marketing techniques.

First get your basics in place, then assess the financial returns on these new ideas – before you dive in and commit your time and effort. Figure out what the leaders – who are making money – are doing with the technique. Be very judicious about your strategies. Let others wear themselves out trying everything. Be targeted.