Marketing is one of an organisation’s most essential resources! It’s absolutely crucial you get it right from the beginning because Marketing really is the backbone of an organisation. Think about it: your Marketing plan determines an organisation’s name, branding, tone, imagery, positioning, tactics, strategy, approach, customer target, communication method, product range, pricing, service offering, distribution network, and so on.

Read the above again- it sounds like Marketing really defines the entire business, doesn’t it? That’s because it does!

The biggest mistake any organisation can do is to “just start” without giving even a little bit of thought to Marketing. You don’t want to start designing products without defining what your target market actually want first; this dates back to very early business principles from the 80ies. We’re in the 2010s now and you won’t survive! Nor do you want to create a selling kit to give to your team without considering the organisation’s identity, messaging, tone or branding. Could you imagine how ad-hoc and sporadic your social media accounts will look to your customers without a cohesive message or plan behind it all? You’ll end up looking like you’re running a teenager’s profile, as opposed to a professional business.

It’s essential to map out your overall Marketing Plan from day one so that the organisation is streamlined, effective and efficient when operating, because there is nothing more destined to fail than an uncoordinated business.

The world is too small and your competitors, too many and too smart for you to not take the market place seriously. Don’t leave your total Marketing, Content and Communications strategy up to chance, and more importantly, don’t do it by piece-meal, as this will lead to a non-cohesive plan which, in-turn, will confuse your customers and waste your resources; something no business can afford to do.

Marketing is a beast worth taking the proper time and investment to nurture, as you’ll reap the benefits very quickly. Conversely, if you neglect or fail to give it the right attention, it can be devastating just as fast. Trust me, it’s not something you want to find out from first-hand experience.

As a Marketing Consultant, something everyone of my clients say is: “I wish I had have done more with Marketing earlier on.” The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to reverse the damage and get fixed!