Do you have a marketing plan for your business or practice? Is it working for you? How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plan strategy? What does it mean to have a marketing plan strategy evaluation?

Even more than planning how to market your business to the world (or your target audience), you need to have a way to evaluate what strategies have been working and what parts of that strategy need to be changed. When you have methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you set up your business to succeed consistently.

1. Keep track of offline marketing efforts and online marketing efforts. Track the results of every marketing campaign you do. Record the exact wording, graphics, and venues used so that when it’s time to launch another marketing campaign, you’ll already have strategies that you know have worked.

2. When employing online marketing strategies, use a combination of email results tracking, Google analytics, and any other online results trackers you can find.

3. If possible, ask new clients where they heard about your business. No need to make it complicated, just open up an excel document and start charting what you hear. You could have simple columns such as: “yellow pages”, “word of mouth”, “Facebook Ad”, “Pay-per-click campaign”, “Brochure” (know where you have stashed piles of your brochures), etc.

4. Schedule your marketing plan strategy evaluation on the same day and same general time each week. If you check the results of your marketing on a weekly basis, you will stay nimble and will be able to change strategies as needed to maximize effectiveness.

Marketing gets the word out to your target audience about what you do to solve their problem. Keep your marketing sharp by evaluating it consistently and often. Create your own ways to evaluate your marketing plan strategy both online and offline to keep your target audience’s needs and wants in the forefront of your marketing.