The World Wide Web is changing the face of how Americans shop, advertise, communicate with each other, find information, and it is even changing the way a large portion of us earn our living. With 1.73 BILLION people online, there a literally millions of ways to make a living online. Multi-level marketing has been around for a long time, but with the advent of the internet, it has grown into a whole new level. There are people who have been very successful at it, but there are just as many people who have failed at this business endeavor. So, exactly what is multi-level marketing, how much can you really earn doing it and is it a legitimate way to work from home?

First of all, yes, multi-level marketing is a legitimate business and the right person can earn a substantial income while working from home. There are several key components to a successful multi-level marketing business. The first key component in how much you will really earn while you work from home, and whether or not you have joined a legitimate multi-level marketing company will be whether or not you thoroughly researched the company prior to joining them.

These are just a few helpful tips and questions you must ask yourself before you decide if multi-level marketing is for you:

  • Thoroughly research the company. You must know if they are legitimate, and how their products are perceived by the community. Do they have positive reviews, or is the internet filled with complaints and unhappy “former” employees? Do they have a good online reputation?
  • You must understand their compensation plan. The compensation plan will determine your income. You need to know ALL of the fine print before you join. A legitimate multi-level marketing company will have this information on their website. Some of these plans can be complicated, so whether or not you understand the compensation plan in its entirety is up to you! Ask questions until you know exactly what your payouts will be.
  • Will your income be dependent on your “downline” or “recruitments” or strictly based on sales volume? Most companies pay out on a “tiered” system or even a “Binary System,” and recruiting other members, along with sales, will play a huge part in your own income level, so be certain you know what you are getting into.
  • If you are required to build a “downline’ (recruits), do you have the ability to reach and market to hundreds if not thousands of people? Online marketing skills are going to be required here. Most people do not have the ability to reach thousands of people without the use of the internet. Do you possess these skills?
  • Do you have a plan to market the product that your multi-level marketing company is expecting you to sell? Can you sell the large volumes needed to earn a legitimate, substantial income? The days of going door-to-door and selling to your neighbors is long gone! Do you have an online marketing plan for your business and its products?

It is important that you keep in mind all of the above factors when deciding whether or not multi-level marketing is really for you. These are only a few of the key questions to ask in order to determine how much you can really earn and whether or not this is a legitimate way for you to work from home. It’s your income, be certain you have some control over it by understanding exactly what is expected from you and the people who are under you as a part of your team. The smart businessperson will recognize multi-level marketing for what it is: the opportunity to work from home, earn a good income, and have a legitimate home-based business. Too often, a person will get involved in multi-level marketing with visions of “getting rich quick”. I can assure you, this will not be the case.

The opportunity is there for a legitimate home-based business, but it will be hard work, long hours, and the successful multi-level marketer will possess the online marketing skills that are imperative for success in this business!