Network Marketing is a great way to get into your own business and become an entrepreneur if you don’t have your own product or service and the residual income potential makes it very attractive especially to the business minded professional.

When you sign up into an MLM or direct sales business, you most likely are going to be put under a sponsor or a mentor. This person can have a huge impact on your success especially if you are new to the industry. That being said, it still is your responsibility to learn the business and learn the marketing skills needed to become successful.

Here are 3 good questions to ask your mentor when you before or after you join a business.

Ask them why they joined this particular business. There are thousands of network marketing businesses out there and it would probably be a good idea to know why they chose the current one they are marketing. Did they like the product? The pay plan? Was it something they were introduced to by a friend and family? Maybe they didn’t even investigate any other opportunity.

Ask them what they like about the product and compensation plan. In order to have a long term success in a network marketing company, you should probably be able to stand behind your product line. If you don’t like the product or service, this opportunity is most likely not for you. The compensation plan is just as important. Find out what the short term and long term benefits are.

Ask them what they are doing to build their business. Maybe they are using internet marketing to build their business by generating leads online. Maybe they are using the old school network marketing business approach and are using friends and family to market the business to. Although this type of marketing is considered outdated by some people, it can still work very effectively. Whatever they are doing, if its working, they should be able to teach you what they are doing.

To sum it up, the network marketing business is a great way to create a second paycheck or even build a big enough residual income to quit your job and having a good mentor is a big help. That being said, it is still your responsibility to learn the skills needed to be successful in this business.