This article aims to provide a neutral analysis of RMP as a Network Marketing Opportunity and gives an honest and unbiased opinion whether you will be able to earn a solid income selling RMP Products using the company’s various resources and offering.

I have personally spent enough time in the Network Marketing Industry to evaluate a good business opportunity and basically it will boil down to the following Four IMPORTANT points to consider before you decide to join the RMP Network Marketing Business as a Distributor:

RMP Info # 1

A Good Business Opportunity always represents a product portfolio which caters to a genuine need in it’s market. Furthermore, it also helps if the product(s) are re-consumable, thus allowing you to earn a substantial residual income without much effort. Last but not the least, an important hallmark of a good opportunity is whether the products are reasonably priced according to the value it is offering or reasonable start up investment costs to start the business since you usually to have to buy the product(s) first in order to qualify as a Distributor. It is always easier to build a team if the price/value factor is kept in check.

RMP Products seem to fit this bill as it is currently offering 12 different High-Tech products at reasonable prices that can be used in our everyday lives on a regular basis ranging from Energy Saver Bulbs, Solar Lamps,Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners and even Watches and Laptops. Not all products seem re-consumable though, but the positive aspect is that these products are NOT a Hard Sell and it will easier to build a team in fastest time possible.

RMP Info # 2

An essential ingredient of a Strong Network Marketing Opportunity is its COMPENSATION PLAN. A Plan which allows the distributor to earn a Solid income in reasonable time through generous percentage commissions and an uncomplicated team hierarchy structure.

RMP Network Marketing Compensation Plan is binary in nature. You can become a Distributor upon purchase of a single product and the plan follows the path of only convincing TWO people to start off with. They become Your Right and Left Side and basically a foundation of your structure. If your up line sponsors additional people, they will be placed under this structure.Everyone Benefits with each additional sale by anyone in your structure. Sounds like a win-win but I believe you should check out their company website and see for yourself whether the compensation plan suits you. The Binary Structure seems simple but the payouts are for you to judge whether it suits you.

RMP Info # 3

A Good Company is always recognized by it’s leadership and track record. A good company will have credible leaders recognized in the Industry for their success and ability. You should also make sure if the company has been in business for at least 5 years in order to evaluate its financial health and durability.

RMP is affiliated with Recognized, Credible & Successful Companies In India like the Bajaj Group Etc but you should research thoroughly about it’s direct leadership and it’s tenure in the Industry. The company basically caters to the markets in India and Dubai currently.

RMP Info # 4

In this modern economy, It is impossible to be successful in a Network Marketing Business without using the Internet.

As the company emphasizes,RMP Products can be promoted and sold in a very successful manner using the latest internet marketing strategies including social media marketing strategies, even though offline marketing tactics are working reasonably well too for distributors at this time. But, it is important to build relevant internet marketing skills and knowledge before jumping on board the RMP Network Marketing Opportunity in order to have an edge over other distributors. The sky is the limit with RMP if you are hungry for success and equipped with latest marketing skills and knowledge.