Women’s watches include nearly 5,000 models of various styles, colors and interesting functionality. Among them, we will find both models with a universal character that will match any type of styling, as well as watches with an elegant, jewelery character. Such a wide offer of the online stores may overwhelm you; therefore in this article we will briefly review the main types of women’s watches, according to their functional characteristics and price range. You can choose the most suitable model within your budget and style preferences and buy your watch online in the most convenient way possible!

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Universal watches

There are many types of women watches to choose from. There are models that are suitable for both elegant and sporty outfits and are ideal to wear at any time of the day. These watches can be made of various materials like leather, metal or fabric, but it is worth mentioning that the most popular choice is plastic. You can find some models in bright colors or with a more universal color palette. And there are also different shapes – round, square or rectangular.

Elegant watches

This list is full of elegant watches with a jewelery character. If you’re looking for a watch that will make an impression and be the center of attention- this is the list for you.

Sporty watches

If you are the type that likes to be active and love the outdoors, it is important to have a watch that will go with you on your adventures. A sports watch can be a great option because they are easy to wear and provide functions like stopwatch, countdown timer and more. These features help keep track of time while training or competing in an event. The watches come in a variety of styles from sporty bands to sporty bracelets so there is sure to be something for everyone.


Watches have come a long way since they first appeared in the 1600s. Modern day watches are not only functional but can also be used to tell time and keep up with your daily activity.
There are two main types of modern day watches: analog and digital.

Watches for special occasions

A watch is a piece of jewelry that should be worn on special occasions. It should match the style and the type of clothing you are wearing to make you look your best. A bracelet watch is a great option for dressy occasions because it can be paired with any outfit and is not as bulky as other types of watches. You can also find leather strap watches that are perfect for business attire or casual wear.