How often must you market yourself to achieve Network Marketing expert status?

How much exposure do you need?

A good rule of thumb is the rule of seven. The rule of seven states you should reach your target market seven times within 18 months.

Although somewhat arbitrary, the rule of seven is a good starting point. The following table indicates the frequency of action task and should be adjusted based upon which phase of the alpha marketer marketing development process you are in.

Frequency of Alpha Network Marketing Action Plan Tasks Based on Phase in Development:

Phase Frequency of Self-Promotion

Start-up – Four to six times within three to six months
Development – Every other month
Critical Mass – Quarterly
Maintenance – Two to three times per year

At the beginning, in the startup phase, you typically spend a lot of your time marketing, and launch a barrage of promotions one after the next in a relatively short period of time. Making a splash with a flurry of frequent self-promotion gets attention and makes your name stand out.

Since you are just starting out, and added benefit of this phase is that all this activity produces materials you can reprint as sales literature for yourself or your company. After a few months of heavy marketing activity, you’ll begin to build a collection of promotional materials such as reprints of articles seminar announcements, press clippings, reviews and testimonials, audio cassettes, and videos.

When a prospect inquires about your services, sending him a selection of these materials in addition to your sales letter or brochure helps establish credibility as a network marketer. These materials should also go in press kits; when the media sees you already have gained major press for yourself, they will be more likely to give you additional coverage.

The Internet world loves an alpha marketer. Become an alpha marketer and you have the world at your fingertips or a least a hefty portion of the market. You have almost everything you need to become an alpha marketer in network marketing already inside you. The rest you can get through research and study. You build your reputation as an expert in your field, network marketing, by giving your knowledge away in a variety of forums, such as articles, books, seminars, speeches, newsletters, e-zines, websites, information products, blogs, social networks.

Be a practitioner in network marketing. Learn by doing and through research, writing, and teaching your subject to others. The rewards will outweigh your efforts.