Internet Marketing Strategy: It’s a big subject area for sure and moves at quite a pace but generally for any business it can be approached in a controlled and structured way so as to maximise the investment in time and effort.

If there’s one thing that I’d like people to take away from this post it’s this:

If you’re looking at establishing a presence on the internet then your Internet Marketing Strategy and planning really needs to start before you have a domain name or even a web site! Before diving in it may be worth having a chat with an experienced internet marketing consultant who can talk you through the ‘art of the possible’ and align that to your business goals. That should be an absolute must!

Now it is a fact that in general that doesn’t happen and there either has to be degree of ‘reverse engineering’ or a fairly significant rethink and / or in some cases web site rewrite when it really shouldn’t be necessary. That generally means further investment of time, effort and ultimately cost.

For many businesses the power of a real search engine friendly domain name with a search engine friendly and SEO’d web site can make all the difference. Now I expect that some people might say ‘why oh why wouldn’t you have an SEO’d search engine friendly web site’?

I would totally agree with that question but I also have to say that I’ve seen a number, too many to be honest, of examples where a particular site will never get indexed by the search engines due to the techniques employed to develop the site. To be frank it is absolutely scandalous!

In these examples no matter how search engine friendly a particular domain name might be the site will never do anything. The only option in that case is to redevelop the site which for any business owner would be something they really wouldn’t want to take on but may have no choice.

There are many different tools, techniques and technologies to ‘SEO’ your web presence. Your ‘starter for 10’ includes social media and email marketing in addition to all the relevant approaches involved in ‘on site’ and ‘off site’ SEO not to mention the opportunities with paid search. Don’t be afraid of paid search but that will be subject of another post.

  • Take some time out
  • Think about where you are now
  • And where you would like to get to
  • Then define your ‘roadmap’ to get you there

This will help you to understand if any particular aspect of internet marketing might be relevant to you at this point in time. It could be that further work on ‘off site’ SEO could be in order which might incorporate aspects of social media marketng and email marketing as well.

Along the way there may be some detours and rerouting to avoid traffic jams but that is all part of the process and should be viewed as a positive. Testing and tweaking, making informed decisions based upon real data, and lots of it, will likely be the order of the day.

Each and every business will be at different stages of maturity which invariably will likely influence their particular approach to their internet marketing strategy. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say, but when it was, by god it had some clout!!!!