The Internet marketing tools you use on a regular basis can make or break your level of success in online network marketing. In this article I will discuss 3 of the best tools used by the top online marketers. But first, let’s take a quick look at how these tools will fit within your marketing process.

An online marketing process is basically the sequence of events you strive to implement when converting a website visitor into a paying customer. The proven path to sales conversion is often referred to as your sales funnel, where your website visitors are invited to join your email list and subsequently receive free information they can use in their online business on a consistent basis. Therefore, getting traffic to your website, managing your leads, sending out automated follow up messages, and processing purchase requests forms the framework for any marketing tool you choose to add to your marketing tool chest.

The first, and obviously most critical, tool you will use is your hosting service. Whether you operate a WordPress blog or a traditional website, the uptime for your website is critical to your online success. I use HostGator and GoDaddy, and have had good luck with both. Several years ago I found myself tempted by a banner ad and hooked up with a hosting service that left me high and dry and offline. Stick with the professionals here, it’s just too important.

The second tool all top marketers insist on is a great autoresponder service. An autoresponder service manages your contact list and sends out automated follow up messages based on the schedule you create. Two of the best in the business are Aweber and GetResponse. However, like cars, we all have our favorites. I use these companies because their sites are easy to navigate, and creating campaigns and web scripts for opt-in boxes seems fairly straightforward.

The third Internet marketing tool you need is a way to generate traffic to your website. This tool actually represents a collection of several marketing strategies that include using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to take advantage of relationships you may be building; forum posts, where your signature block may entice your post readers to learn more about you or your product; article and video marketing where readers and viewers may recognize you as an authority in your given niche and choose to visit your website; and of course, pay per click advertising, where you simply advertise your lead capture page and pay for the click thrus to your site.

If you are not adept at website creation, or building responsive lead capture pages, you may want to stick with an automated marketing system that takes some of the techno challenges out of doing business online. In my opinion, marketing online is one of the greatest ways to make money from home I have ever encountered. Don’t let the technical challenges of getting your sales funnel up and running hold you back. Add an automated marketing service to your Internet marketing tool chest and get started today.