The advantages of internet marketing to the individual looking to build a business from home are many. A home based business particularly an internet home based business is rapidly becoming the vehicle of choice for many people looking to create a second income. If you get internet marketing right however you could very well create a CEO salary for yourself whilst answering to no one.

‘Make money online’ is a common advert posted around the internet, but the very truth of the matter is that only around three per cent of all people who set out on the journey to make money online actually succeed. Not exactly a promising figure. People fail for a wide variety of reasons, much of it down to personal routines and disciplines. It is very easy when working from home and on the internet to become distracted and achieve nothing with your time.

Having said that lets look at the real advantages of internet marketing.

1) One of the main advantages of internet marketing is the opportunity to constantly give back and to help people. When you readily continue to provide value to other people you will become known as a leader and people will seek you out asking to do business with you.

2) When you learn the skill of effectively marketing online and start to teach other people to do the same, you are effectively leveraging your time as these people are now helping to build your business whilst in turn helping their own cause. These same people should then go on to duplicate and show others how to do the same. Again by doing this you become seen as the leader and people will seek you out to do business with you.

3) In my opinion one of the biggest advantages to internet marketing is that the skills are transferable. Once you know what works, you can then use these same techniques in other opportunities and niches, not to mention approaching traditional offline small local businesses to help them market online. Learning to market effectively is invaluable to being able to create leads and have people join you in your business or buy your product.