Artist online gallery – what Leonardo da Vinci would say?

The online gallery for artists is a platform that caters to art enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to the vast reach of the internet. This unprecedented situation would have been unimaginable to renowned artists of the past, such as Leonardo da Vinci, who was known for his visionary ideas and technical prowess. However, even someone as forward-thinking as Leonardo would likely find it hard to believe that a gallery could be accessible to people all over the world. It truly is a remarkable development. 

Artist online gallery

As an artist with my own gallery, I take great pleasure in showcasing my works to art lovers and collectors. I strive to create a user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to seamlessly navigate between paintings, drawings, and prints. Technical barriers should never discourage anyone from exploring and appreciating art. Therefore, I make it a point to provide detailed information about each piece. Every artistic creation has a story behind it, and I believe in sharing that narrative.

Paintings serve as a medium for me to express my emotions without relying on words. They have the power to complement and enhance the impact of language. However, in today’s world, the audience expects artists to provide written descriptions of their works as well. I personally enjoy writing about my creations, as it allows me to convey the thoughts and emotions that accompanied me during the creative process. I want to share my hopes and aspirations for each painting, as hope is the anticipation of how a piece will resonate with viewers. Will it evoke strong emotions or leave them indifferent? Naturally, I strive for my art to move and inspire those who encounter it.

Art Galleries

Art galleries are known for their clean and minimalist interiors, utilising white walls to showcase works of art. These spaces serve as a platform for presenting exhibitions, whether they be individual or group shows.

An individual exhibition is a momentous occasion for an artist. It allows them to encounter their own art in a fresh and unfamiliar way, seeing their creations displayed in a setting different from their studio. During such exhibitions, every aspect of their work is laid bare. I often find myself pondering whether I have successfully conveyed a message through my art. Does the series of works possess its own internal logic and coherence? When the exhibition affirms these qualities, I am overcome with a profound sense of peace and fulfilment, propelling me forward on my artistic journey. However, it is important to note that this does not necessarily guarantee a positive reception from the public. Audiences are free individuals with the right to interpret my work as they see fit.

Gallery Owners

The responsibility of selecting artists to exhibit in a gallery falls upon the gallery owner. Given the disparity between the number of artists and the limited number of galleries available, the owner must make choices. It is not uncommon for them to decline or not respond to artists’ offers, as this is an inevitable consequence of the circumstances.

Nevertheless, there are gallery owners who base their decisions on personal preference. They choose artists whose work may not promise immediate commercial success but instead support them on their artistic journey, forming professional friendships along the way.

I am fortunate enough to have my artwork exhibited in such esteemed galleries. Allow me to mention a few of them: | |   

Galleries art

A gallery owner is more than just someone who displays and sells art in their gallery. They have the power to curate and showcase artworks that they personally deem valuable, making them an important figure in the art world. This act of valuation is crucial, even in a contemporary art scene that embraces freedom and limitless possibilities. Despite the abundance of artistic expression, there is still a sense of confusion among people. They struggle to distinguish between what is truly valuable and what lacks worth. They find themselves at a loss, unsure of how to react to art that they sometimes simply don’t understand.

This is where the gallery owner steps in as an intermediary, playing a vital role. Their convictions about the value of the art they exhibit may not always align with commercial justifications. Appreciating and perceiving value in art requires effort, and not everyone is willing to engage in the intellectual work it demands. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of encountering gallery owners who truly understand and appreciate my art, and are eager to present it to the world. Their decision to invest in an artist like myself is a testament to their belief in the value of my work.

In general, the collaboration between an artist and a gallery is a joint effort to contribute to a certain phenomenon that defies rational explanation. It is an activity that aims to benefit and celebrate the enigmatic world of art. Art, after all, is a phenomenon that transcends logic and speaks to the depths of human emotion and imagination.

My Gallery in Malexander

In the realm where I reside and create, nestled in the picturesque village of Malexander, Sweden, within the enchanting region of Östegötland, lies my personal gallery. Here, I proudly showcase my latest creations alongside pieces crafted many years ago. Spontaneously changing exhibitions, I eagerly share my art with the local residents of Malexander and the curious visitors who grace our charming town. Particularly during the bustling summer season, the gallery becomes a hub of activity. Situated by a magnificent lake and enveloped by lush woodlands, Malexander is a haven of natural beauty, boasting captivating tourist attractions. For summer visitors, a visit to my gallery is an absolute highlight, adding a touch of artistic wonder to their holiday experience.

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