Introduction to Affiliate Network Marketing

Have you heard of Ewen Chia? He is the world’s #1 affiliate marketer. Have you wondered how he did it? Today I am going to show you the 3 tips on how you can become a super affiliate network marketing expert so that you can earn this extra income to fund your MLM business. Before I begin, let me show you a short introduction to affiliate network marketing business model.

Affiliate network marketing is the same as affiliate marketing. It’s about promoting other people network marketing information products online. Being an affiliate, there are pros and cons.

1) Being an affiliate, there is no maintenance required. You don’t have to provide customer support and handle customer complaints and refunds. Your job is to promote it and make sales.

2) Instead of spending time creating your own products, doing testing, trial and error, you can focus all your time doing marketing, building your list and writing responsive emails.

3) The disadvantage is that you are focusing on branding the creator name and his products. It goes viral and everyone knows his name and products. You are helping to promote his Brand rather than promoting yourself.

3 Tips on becoming an affiliate network marketing Expert

When I first started out in 2007, I started out becoming an affiliate promoting affiliate network marketing information products. My goal is to build a list of targeted prospects who wants to succeed. If you promote an affiliate product that is irrelevant to network marketing, chances is that it will be very difficult to pitch your business opportunity in the long run.

After struggling in network marketing for 5 years trying to build my MLM business, I decided to look for help. I found my mentor. He taught me the 5 secrets to become an affiliate network marketing expert.

1) The first thing that every affiliate marketer must have is a squeeze page and a thank you page. It is also called the lead capture page. It is to capture your prospects name and email address. Now why do they want to do that? You offer them a free report like an e-book that is relevant to network marketing.

2) Once you set up your lead capture page, you have to learn to direct traffic to your lead capture page. Traffic generation is the life source of your affiliate marketing campaign. No traffic means no leads and therefore no list to sell your affiliate products to.

3) Email marketing. Before you build a list, you need to purchase an auto responder and then create follow up emails to build relationship with your prospects. The number one step when you build your list is to earn your prospects trust. To do that, you need to provide them with quality information about network marketing.

The common mistakes that most affiliate marketer do is to hard sell their prospects. They write hype sales letter instead of writing an informative article to teach their list. Desperation of making quick money will lead to the death of your affiliate network marketing campaign.

3 Crucial Advice about network marketing

Indeed, online prospecting in network marketing is simple and easy. Allow me to give you 3 crucial advice.

1) Online prospecting takes time. Most affiliate marketers rush to make fast money rather on creating an asset by building a responsive list. There is no such thing as a “get rich quick” marketing system. You need to think and write quality email newsletter to build relationship with your list.

2) Focus on traffic generation. Many affiliate marketers always look for a better affiliate products or pays higher commission rather on focusing on driving traffic to their website or lead capture page. I have seen so many people fall away from the right track and wasted a lot of time instead of driving traffic.

3) Create a network marketing blog. Set up a network marketing blog and fill it with contents to build relationship with your list. Consistency plays a very important role. You need to be consistent in updating your blog, posting new and fresh content to educate your prospects. Blogging is a very good way to brand yourself as an expert. When your prospects visit your professional blog with great contents, you will instantly gain credibility for yourself.