Affiliate Marketers never stop looking for successful niches/industry and products that would give out bigger paychecks. Some Affiliate Marketers even say that there is a secret and by putting some pieces together they got from ideas of others they even present that they already hold the secret. Actually there is no such big secret, the information is out there its true but the real formula or key is actually you, yourself (The Affiliate Marketer).

When you read ebooks and analyze all what they are saying you will notice that if you put the words in simple terms, they all lead to the same fundamentals it’s just a matter of learning how to put them into action.

There are some strategies that worked before and are still working very well until now, good affiliate marketers will agree that the following points are essential in succeeding and important to an Affiliate Marketers Online Survival.

Knowing Your Target Market (Niche)

An Affiliate Marketer must know the targeted hungry crowd to where he or she will be focusing his or her marketing campaign. Actually this is where every campaign should start, knowing what people are looking for and identifying this group will make it easier to find the right product that you, the Affiliate Marketer, will offer them.

The task is very daunting; it involves a lot of research, understanding, patience and perseverance. But if done correctly not only that you will find the right product for your market, converting this market into buyers will also be a lot easier.

Having a Unique and Simple Web Page

Most new Affiliate Marketers are scared of this and fails to realize the advantage and flexibility of creating a web page for each product they are marketing. Some do make their web pages but they lump together other products to cut down the expense on their hosting or maybe on the time in building their site. It is most of the time as a best practice to have a site focusing on each and every product you market, one product-one web site.

It is also a good practice to make an honest review page of the product being marketed to give your target market a bird’s eye view of the product, testimonials of people who used the product are also great as long as they are not fabricated and including their name and photo also shows more credibility, just make sure you have their permission to do so.

There are a lot of strategies involved in creating a website to make it search engine optimized and customer friendly, and because of the advancement in technology, there are tools now available that allows an ordinary person who doesn’t know anything about the programming language in creating a website, create a website by just typing in the content like typing in a word document and with just few clicks of the mouse you already have a content rich web page.

Information, guides and even tutorials are also available online but since you are an Affiliate Marketer, my suggestion is join an Affiliate Program that already provides the necessary tools and information for you to learn everything under one program and at the same time apply what you learn and earn income as you go forward.

Reach Out To Your Target Market

An Affiliate Marketer’s real work falls here, once you know your target market and you have the right product to offer, it is time to let your target market know that you are there, you exist and you have the answer on what they are looking for. One of the long time running strategy in getting traffic to your site that still works very well until now is writing articles, although this eats up time it however gives long term advantage without cost. Most Internet Marketer do start from here, this is a very effective way in raking in your targeted customers because you have full control on how your article will play out. You write an article as concise as possible to your product, keeping your focus on your targeted crowed, in effect people who will be seeing your articles will be primarily those belonging to your target market because they will be searching the internet using words or phrases related to your products and specific sub-industry to where your products belong.

If you write relevant articles with unique and quality content, this will stay being seen over the internet for months and even years, this means free traffic to your site which will bring continuous income. At first 1 article a day will get the ball rolling and as you get the hang of it you increase the number of articles that you write per day and it only requires 300-600 words for a single article. Of course you need to do research also for your content and this is easy because most of the information you will need is scattered all over the internet, you just collate, organize and make it simple for your readers to understand.

Keep Track Of Your Potential Customers and Communicate With Them

This is one of the most important points that some Internet Marketers tend to overlook. This is also were a little knowledge on how to create a simple website and knowing a little bit of HTML will go a long way for your Internet Business. First you should collect emails of people who come and visit your website by creating a simple web page that will allow your site visitors to leave there name and email address (popularly called squeeze page) so that you can follow up with them. You can also give away free reports or news letter of useful information related to your target market or product to encourage your visitor to leave their information.

If you own the product website and have control over the programming codes, you can also put the simple sign up box within your product web page itself. You will also need one important tool which is called an autoresponder which will give you the code for the sign up box and manage the collection of your list of customer name and email address as well as sending your messages out to your list automatically.

One other important tip is communicating with your list of customer, whether the customer is just a potential customer or already a paying customer, you should maintain communication. Saying hello, giving some out of the blue tips or current events that you think is useful making them feel that you are there, a real person communicating with them builds trust and good relationship. This will result in increasing your chances of closing a deal or even having a repeat sale on the same customer.