Creating a list packed full of your affiliate marketing leads is the dream of all affiliate marketers. If you are really interested in learning how to build your affiliate marketing leads, you can do a search in Google and you will find thousands of different products that claims to be able to teach you how to build your affiliate marketing leads.

The main reason why most affiliate marketers never made it through their third month in their online business is due to information overload. Most of them are too stuck with finding the next best e books that can help them to generate thousands and thousands of leads overnight and never really take some time to try out what they have bought.

In fact, there are over a hundred different ways you can build your affiliate marketing leads but it will takes you years to try them all out one by one. Therefore it is very important to find a few tactics that suits your budget and your time.

Personally, I am using three methods to build my own affiliate marketing leads and they have accounted for over two thousands leads every month for one of my list without the needs to spend hugh amount of money.

Below are the three proven methods I used to build my list

1) Article Marketing: I can’t emphasize more about this method of lead generation, this is the most effective and zero cost way of building your affiliate marketing leads. I strongly recommend all marketers who are facing budget constraint to consider this method.

All you have to do is to write an article every day and then submit them to various article directories, web 2.0 sites or your blog and it will help you to generate leads.

In fact I learn my article marketing techniques from one of the internet marketing gurus and it has proven to be very useful for me. There are a lot more to article marketing than simply writing any article and then submit them to article directories. Therefore if you are really interested in using article marketing to generate affiliate marketing leads, you should consider getting yourself a product that can help you in this area.

Article marketing is a long term method of generating affiliate marketing leads and I even have articles I have submitted two years ago that are still getting me new leads everyday. (So you see the power of articles)

2) Search Engine Marketing: This is also one of the other free methods I am using to build my affiliate marketing leads. Some marketers thought that search engine marketing is very hard and is meant for experts only. So let me break the myth for you today, any marketers can make use of search engine marketing if they are given a good education on it.

I learn all my search engine marketing methods from one of the product I have bought and all I am doing now is to put them into practice and constantly tweak the techniques to optimize the result.

3) My Secret Lead Purchase Shop: The above two methods of lead generation are free and I have included one paid method to build my affiliate marketing leads as well.

Most websites that allows you to purchase leads are selling you low quality and overused leads that usually don’t buy. Personally, I have tried a few lead purchase sites and they have proven to be useless.

I was actually introduced to the lead purchase site I am using now by one of the internet marketing gurus. This site does not allow you to bulk purchase all the emails at one go. It actually allows you to place an ads on their website to get people who are interested in what you are offering to sign up as to your list.