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If you have no previous experience at building websites, learning this slows down your earnings. Building a website means you need to have knowledge of how to do HTML coding, search engine optimization and also have a good sense of design. As a member of an affiliate marketing network program you have the simplicity of having beautifully built websites that are already rich in SEO and very user-friendly. This is one of the fatal mistakes that many new marketers make, not understanding how to get the visitor to convert readily enough.

For newcomers to the affiliate marketing industry who work alone, support is a huge issue. Getting support for software and marketing tools you purchase is about the only form of help an independent marketer can rely on. If you are a member of an affiliate marketing network program you have support not just for the tools you use but also for every other step and process that is used in creating a profitable marketing campaign. Talk about having a benefit that repositions you when it comes to having an advantage in fast income creation.

The critical use of the right keywords can be a huge stumbling block for new affiliate marketers. There are keywords and then there are high profit converting keywords. Your access to the best keywords and key phrases requires you to either purchase access to an excellent keyword research tool or joining an affiliate marketing network program. The benefit here is clear to see, the independent only has a keyword tool and network member gets excellent keywords and a whole lot more.

Getting started as an independent affiliate marketer is a journey into the vast unknown. Because of the learning curve, many newcomers never earn any money at all and give up. In contrast, newcomers to affiliate marketing network programs have all the support and guidance they need to easily bridge the gap of the learning curve and swiftly step into the active process of making money. This benefit alone makes being a network member worth a great deal to serious minded people in pursuit of financial freedom.

Never worry that Internet marketing will an obsolete way to make money in the future. In 2008 alone, affiliate marketers were paid a total sum of over $2.1 billion dollars. That number could conceivably double or triple if more effective affiliate marketers were available. Performance based marketing knows no limits in earnings or growth. You can build a better future and control how much money you can earn a year as a member of an affiliate marketing network program. This is an excellent way to make a great deal of money working from home on the Internet in the industry that allows anyone to make money faster than anything else around the web.