The main objective of an affiliate marketer is to get customers to visit the merchant site. Since affiliate marketing is quite different from standard marketing, the marketing and sales tools employed are different from other marketing stereotypes. Promotional material is required just the same.

In simple terms, an affiliate has to direct customer traffic from his site to the merchant’s site. This is usually done by placing a helpful link or banner somewhere on his website. The promotional material provided by the merchant may be text or graphics.

Successful promotional materials catch the eye and convince the target audience to click the link to visit the merchant website. The affiliate marketer is free to create new ideas, but the objective is to pre sell the products for the merchant company. Each click has the potential to earn commission for the marketer.

The absence of the right promotional material means failure for both the affiliate marketer and merchant. The entire affiliate marketing program will not function and in all probability will come to a standstill. It is the responsibility of the affiliate merchant to do market research for their product or service and provide materials appropriately.

Types of Promotional Material

Utilizing the merchant’s promotional material becomes the creative task of the affiliate marketer. Follow all guidelines set by the merchant for use of their promotional materials. Some of the basic tools that the merchant will provide for the affiliate are:

* Email Advertisements: This kind of promotional material refers to the informative e-mails that the merchant creates to promote his company or product. This works best for marketers who use e-mail marketing as a marketing strategy. These email advertisement can be any length, but the task for the marketer is to place the ad appropriately where it will attract customers.

* Signature lines: These are witty lines that the marketer must come up with to attract the attention of potential customers. Marketers may use signature lines as short advertisements in forums or e-mails to direct traffic to the merchant’s site. Again, be persuasive and fill a need.

* Banners: Basic inviting images such as graphics that merchants create for their company. The marketers then use the banners creatively and place them on their own website. The merchant however must remember to create banners in all sizes and shapes to fit the needs of their affiliate marketers.