Reaching out to prospective customers is called Marketing. When these customers buy your product or services then you have made a Sale. To create income for a company first you have to market the services, products, and messages. These days marketing on the web is very lucrative.

Most businesses are creating a website to have their presence on the web. The website will have some keywords on the basis of which the search is done. There are search marketing firms who require you to create an account with them. Then they will submit your website to various search engines known to them. They create an advertisement for you. Depending on the words keyed in for the search by the user, if they are the keywords from your website your website is listed in the search result. Your advertisement is also displayed besides the search result and hence internet marketing is generated. Internet marketing is fast and not very expensive.

Internet based marketing where there is a host called an affiliate is Affiliate marketing. In this system there are customers, merchants, network and the publisher or affiliate. There are websites where one can upload videos for video sharing. This creates a huge affiliate market for the videos as the customers can go and see the video listings and download them. They can get information on the web and go and buy the movie from a store or they can also order it over the web. Even writing over the web in the form of blogs is affiliate marketing. The customer is reading about the product in the blog and can make decisions regarding buying the product.

PPC Marketing, which is pay per click, is the way forward. This is a kind of marketing where the affiliate or search engine or blog will create customers and the payment is depending on the number of customers clicking your advertisement. PPC marketing is paying as it reaches a vast customer base across geographies very quickly.

Internet marketing strategy is the managerial process of increasing, monitoring and maintaining business for organizations keeping its mission and vision in mind.

Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, PPC marketing are the very cost effective parts of the internet marketing strategy. Advertising can be done with very less resources. The customers are able to get all information on the web and the business is also able to do its marketing over the internet.

Search marketing companies have come up as a result of business growing on the web. These search marketing companies require you to create an account with them. They ensure listing for your website on the search engines with which they have contacts. They provide you as a marketer, visibility on customers to your website, the number of visits, help in key word optimization and hence account management services for the advertising job.