Marketing Problem

Let’s face facts. The world has gone crazy. Everything we once took for granted is changing at a frighteningly fast and furious pace. One of the biggest changes is:

Traditional marketing is dying.
What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is tell-based marketing.

=> It’s image-based marketing.

=> It’s chest-thumping marketing.

=> It’s “we’re the best” based marketing.

=> It’s run-a-display-ad-and-a-radio-spot-and-see-what-happens kind of marketing.

Consumers no longer respond to traditional marketing the way they used to.

We live in an over-communicated society. Everywhere you look there’s a different message, a provocative new pitch, and an alluring presentation trying to get your attention. Studies indicate that most people are exposed to an average of 3,000 different marketing messages every day.

Customers are increasingly overwhelmed by advertising clutter and are growing resistant to traditional advertising.

It seems like one sure-fire way to go broke is to continue throwing your hard-earned money into traditional marketing.

So what’s the solution? Stop buying advertising? No, that is not a solution.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”
— Thomas Jefferson

So, it looks like one of those “you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situations, right? You’ll go broke if you keep throwing money into traditional marketing and you’ll go broke if you don’t market your business.

Well, not quite. There is a solution.

Marketing Solution

The solution… the time-tested alternative to traditional tell-based marketing is ask-based marketing.

With traditional marketing, the product comes first, and then you find a market for it. Your success is based on your ability to correctly guess what the market wants and the monologue you use to tell your customers.

With ask-based marketing you tap your customers on the shoulder and you ask them what they want. You create what they asked for. You sell it to those who asked for it.

The market comes first, and then you create a product or service for that market. Your success is based on your ability to ask questions and dialogue with your customers.

You can perform an Ask Campaign off-line or online.

If you do an Ask Campaign off-line you only need to use a pen and paper as you survey people in person. The drawback to this is you can only survey those who you can meet in person and the time spent surveying must be convenient for you and the person you are surveying.

To perform an Ask Campaign online you can use tools such as: or

This allows you to contact people you cannot meet in person and it allows you to survey people at their convenience.

Once you start using ask-based marketing you will stop telling your customers and start asking your customers.

The moral is: stop telling and start asking your customers what they want.