As I mentioned in my previous article, there exists two forms of free article marketing: Article (Bum) Marketing or The Joel Method. It basically involved preselling your target audience with a well-written, informative article that would persuade them to find out more information about your topic, hopefully clicking on an affiliate link that would result in a sale for you.

You may have also heard of a popular pathway for Internet Marketers called Affiliate Marketing. I myself realised that Article Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are quite similar; the main difference is that Article Marketing is a means to get sales within Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is not just Article Marketing; it involves a lot of personal study and dedication to truly master, again reinforcing the point in the previous article about treating Internet Marketing like a serious profession.

Like Article Marketing, you receive a link from the merchant for you to advertise as you please. You will find many different sources online that will try to sell you information about things like SEO, PPC etc. Again, I suggest you find out all you can about it on the Warrior Forum, before buying information about it.

There is also a different pathway for some more advanced Internet Marketers and if you were thinking while reading, you may have guessed it already. You can be an Informational Marketer: someone who sells informational products online that they produced themselves. This is quite popular for a number of reasons: there is no delivery fee, it ships automatically and is easy to reproduce. Like I said, this is for advanced Internet Marketers who understand how to set up websites, build a list, set up autoresponders etc. Which is quite a task for people first starting out online. There are of course, people who have done it, so it is not impossible for new people.

My personal recommendation from experience is that you should start off with Article Marketing and/or The Joel Method. They are both free and help you to better appreciate Internet Marketing as a whole. Once you are competent with that and by competent I mean making a few hundred dollars, maybe even a thousand dollars per month from these sources, you should be eligible to start Affiliate Marketing. Then from Affiliate Marketing, move onto Informational Marketing, the toughest trial for Internet Marketers online. Many people do this backwards, starting with Informational Marketing and end up getting dispirited because there is so much work that has a high chance of not paying off. Internet Marketing takes patience in any form and your goal should be to make a lot of money online for that greater freedom. Just remember to treat it like a serious profession; educate yourself and understand where everything fits in and it will all work out for the better.