Direct marketing is one type of marketing technique used by businesses selling products or services. Direct marketing mailers or emails send the message directly to consumers without any intervening media. Second, it involves a specific “call-to-action.”

Some popular direct marketing techniques are listed below.

1) Direct Mail

2) Telemarketing

3) Email Marketing

4) Door to Door marketing

5) Broadcast faxing

6) Voicemail Marketing

Direct Mail

This is the most basic form of marketing and usually involves direct mailers. Many advertisers practice this targeted mailing in which the mail is sent to target customers directly. For instance, a person interested in playing golf will receive direct mail from golf related products. Database marketing can be attributed to one such.


Another common way of marketing is Telemarketing in which the consumers are contacted by the marketing department through outbound phone calls. Unfortunately, unnecessary sales calls by telemarketers have become such a nuisance, that the United States has enacted a law, which came into effect from October 1, 2003. Under this law anyone who doesn’t wish to get any phone calls from customers, can list their number in a nationwide do-not-call database.

Email Marketing

This is the third way of marketing. One of the major concerns in this way of marketing is spam. One way of countering the spam is to have filters with the Email filtering programs.

Door-to-Door Marketing

This way of marketing is cheap and cost effective since it doesn’t involve purchasing stamps, envelopes, or having to buy address lists. Generally door to door marketing is used by food services.

Broadcast Faxing

The fourth type of direct marketing is broadcast faxing which’s now unpopular because of the laws in the United States, which makes it illegal.

Voicemail Marketing

The fifth type of marketing is of personal voicemail boxes. Voicemail marketing is cost effective compared to the email marketing and expense of direct mail marketing. There are specific laws which govern voice mail marketing. The laws were made because of abundance of voice spam.