The Right MLM Training System is what Brings Results to Your Network Marketing Business.

I do agree that it does help to have a solid product or service that everyone wants or needs. I will also admit that it helps to have a company with sound leadership and a focus on the end consumer. It’s even better when the compensation plan rewards people for hard work and a willingness to train others. But what is lacking today, from some of the top MLM companies, is a step by step MLM Training system that teaches basic marketing principles to create results.

I Signed Up 10 New Prospects This Month, Now What Do I Do?

I remember, years ago, posing this very question to my Network Marketing Up-Line, and guess what the answer was? “Go out and get 10 more!” So what did I do? I went out and found 10 more prospects and signed them up. Boy was I excited. After month two I had 20 people in my organization. The challenge was; those 20 people weren’t doing anything? Does this sound familiar?

The day’s of just “Signing People Up” are long gone in Network Marketing. Having retail customers is a big part of your total success but there has to come a time when you need “Business Builders” to sustain and truly attain the income of a Top MLM Performer.

But, you say, “If I get them to try my product, they can”t help to share it with everyone they know.” Wouldn’t that be great if that always happened, but let me pose this question, “When they decide they want to share with others, how will you teach them what to do?” Can you give them the right Network Marketing training that will produce results, or tell them what you were told, go out and sign up 10 people a month?

A Simple, Hands On Network Marketing Training System is what your Down-Line is looking for.

I have talked to many folks and asked them why they stopped marketing their Home Based Business, and the #1 reason I get back is that they were not comfortable with how to market a business. The older methods of MLM did not suit their style or personality, and since they didn’t know what direction to go, they just quit. A perfect example of this analogy is “Cold Calling.” Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t promote cold calling, but it fits. When I was told to “Go out and find 10 people”, I had to use cold calling to do it. I had already pestered my friends and family, and had pretty much worked through my small warm market list so I had to talk to people I didn’t know. Is this an easy task for most people? It sure wasn’t for me. Do companies or Up-Lines teach how to “Cold Call” prospects in Network Marketing today? They sure didn’t in my company. Is it starting to make sense? If you don’t teach someone how to do a cold call properly, how will they ever succeed? How will they get past the rejections?

Engage Your Down-Line, Provide them the Needed MLM Training and Watch Your Business Grow!

The secret is in the system and the solution is the Renegade University System! With the Renegade University you now can provide a step by step, click by click, hand’s on training system to teach your organization. If you have heard of Ann Sieg then you know she has opened the door for Network Marketers across the world to attraction marketing techniques with the Renegade Network Marketer book. What most don’t know is that Mike Klingler, one of Ann’s students, has gone a step further and taken the Renegade Network Marketer course book and developed an incredible MLM training system that teaches people the newer methods of internet network marketing. The Renegade University system put’s Network Marketers light years ahead of the curve and can have YOU in the driver’s seat of your organization, as a leader and trainer that people will seek out.

The solution for dwindling down-lines is in providing a simple, teachable and systematic system to train people in the new Attraction Network Marketing model. It will ultimately strengthen your team and put folks in a direction that will bring measurable results with out all the rejection and heartache of past MLM marketing methods. It does not matter what stage of the game you are in, new to network marketing or a seasoned veteran, the entire Renegade System produces results and gives people the tools, training and one on one help to finally reach that Top Performer level.